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hairstyles for round faces women

Hairstyles For Round Faces For Women

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Human faces can broadly be classified into different shapes viz. square, round, triangular, heart shaped and oval. Some faces fall into more than a single category and are called combination face-shapes. You have to first determine the shape of your face. A round face would be one wherein the length,...

1970s women hairstyles

1970s Women’s Hairstyles


In the 1970s, many women wore their hair long, though there were some who preferred it shorter, above the shoulder or chin length, also. The styles were simpler, looked more natural than in the previous eras and hence, were fairly easy to create and maintain. Some of the popular styles,...

japanese women hairstyles

Japanese Women Hairstyles

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Early in the seventh century, inspired by Chinese fashion, Japanese noble women wore their hair high and boxy at the front with a sickle shaped ponytail known as ‘Kepatsu’. After that, till the fourteenth century, Japanese women rejected Chinese fashions and created new styles. Unbound long hair became fashionable and...

1970 Men Hairstyles

1970s Men’s Hairstyles


The 1970’s decade was characterized by certain fashion trends which included bellbottom pants — really tight pants with flared ends at the bottom. Men’s clothing also included lame suits, silver-coloured astronaut-style outfits, quilted jackets made in satin, wide-legged denims or velvet trousers and studded shirts. Hair was always long and...

1950s women hairstyles

1950s Women Hairstyles


Many trends we see and emulate today actually date back to the 1950’s. Those were the times, when after the World War, people felt free and liberated and started experimenting with newness. Various fads started at that time and many trends were set by celebrities like Elvis Presley and the...

Beehive Prom Hairstyle

Beehive Prom Hairstyles


Prom night is obviously an important day in any girl’s life. While parents would see it as a dinner followed by a dance at school, isn’t it much more for you! Since a prom night is essentially a “night with a date”, many people skip it altogether, instead of arriving...

1950s Men Hairstyles

1950s Men’s Hairstyles


The influence that the Second World War had was emphasized and continued even after the war, till late into the 1950’s. Unlike women, men tended to have short hair reflective of an army cut, which showed that maintenance and time was considered important. Men’s hair, if it touched their ears,...

cute boy hairstyles

Cute Boys Hairstyles

Boys are usually careless about their grooming, and are considered less bothered about it as compared to girls. Their prime attention is generally showered on any outdoor activity and games they come across. With this rough and tough attitude, they usually consider grooming to be a waste of precious time....

short punk hairstyles

Short Punk Hairstyles

The punks were rebellious youngsters of the 70’s who tried to be different. They flouted societal norms and established their own identity in dressing and hairstyles, and even developed their own style of music. Primarily consisting of young people, they were members of an unconventional counter culture group. To establish...

summer hairstyles for girls

Summer Hairstyles For Girls

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Convenience would have been the main criteria in the days gone by but in today’s world, girls are more concerned about looking modern, trendy and even sexy. Whilst these requirements are a matter of individual choice, there are some hairstyles which are more popular than others are. Normally, girls, particularly...