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modern hairstyles for girls

Modern Hairstyles For Girls


While there are modern hairstyles for girls of all ages, there are some which are better suited for younger girls, and others which suit older girls. An important point to be borne in mind while choosing a hairstyle is its adaptability. While a very casual style may not be appropriate...

Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair


Women with thick and healthy hair have been a potent source of envy for ages. Be it the middle ages or the 21st century, women all over the world have always yearned for voluminous tresses and thick locks. But this type of hair can be very difficult to handle. If...

Modern Haircuts for Women

Modern Haircuts For Women


Today’s women are different from their older generation counterparts in many things, including hairstyles. Today, apart from managing a family, you also have to manage a hectic work life. No wonder, the need for a no-nonsense yet trendy hairstyle. With newer styles and haircuts becoming fashionable, you rely on magazines...

How to Do a French Twist

How To Do A French Twist


The secret to any hairdo lies in the hair itself. The healthier the hair, the more styles you can try out with it. Today there are enough hair salons and hairstylists to help you nourish and style your hair. They can give you dietary tips and advice you on other...

How to Tie Hair In a Bun

How To Tie Hair In A Bun


From times immemorial, women have been tying their hair into buns. It’s a convenient way of keeping your hair in place. Over time, variations in the bun have developed but the basic way of tying it remains the same. Primarily used for convenience, it has consequently found its way into...