Bangs And Face Shape

Bangs And Face Shape

Different kinds of bangs suit different face shapes. In the classic style, bangs are cut straight to fall just above your eyebrows. We can add dimensions to the basic bang style by sweeping them to one side and adding layers to make them look heavy or by giving them an asymmetric cut and/or by texturing them. Bangs have many advantages and are preferred by both young and the old alike. They can be worn to draw attention to your facial features, particularly the eyes, disguise a large forehead and frame your face to give it a softer and smaller look. They also help in hiding wrinkles on your forehead and the crow’s feet near the eyes. While cutting bangs that best suit your face shape, you need to consider the state of your hair such as the hair type, texture and condition. Bangs can add volume to thin hair, give your mane a fuller look and even make them seem thinner. You can take your pick depending upon what requirement you have in mind. Before zeroing in on the bangs you’d like, you should carefully consider the shape of your face. The next section details some common face shapes and the types of bangs that would ideally go with them. Read on for more information but keep in mind that whatever be the case, your hair volume and texture are equally important things to consider when you’re getting those bangs to sparkle up your look.

Bangs For Different Face Shapes
If after reading the aforementioned details about how bangs depend on face shapes, you are wondering what your face shape is then here is what you can do. Pull away hair from your face and, facing a mirror, draw dots on the mirror at your hairline and chin line. Join the dots and look at the shape that is created.

Oval Face
It is a boon to have an oval face. Almost all hairstyles, including different types of bangs, look good on an oval face. You can experiment with wispy bangs to create an alluring look or have a bold look with bangs cut at an angle. Side-swept bangs and blunt bangs work perfectly for any event, on an oval face. Since oval faces are so versatile, be sure not to cut your bangs very short. Having longer bangs gives you the opportunity to try out different styles.

Round Face
With a round face, look for bangs which tone down your round cheeks. Angled bangs or choppy bangs cut in different lengths, and layered or feathered bangs work wonders on a round face. They hug the cheeks making the face look less round. Side swept bangs and wispy bangs give your round face an angular look by taking attention away from the wide cheek area.

Square Face
A person with a square face has a forehead, cheek area and chin in the same width. Bangs for a square face should work on reducing the width of the face. Side swept bangs and angled bangs are perfect for this. With the bangs framing your face, you can shift the onlooker’s attention on the bangs rather than the squareness of the face. Wispy bangs can also work on softening the square face. Textured or feathered bangs, that curve and taper to the chin, do excellent camouflaging of the square shape and make the face look much longer.

Heart Shaped Face
Heart shaped face has a heavy forehead with strong temples and a pointy chin. Blunt cut bangs are the most preferred choice for a heart shaped face as they reduce the width of the forehead and take attention away from the pointy chin. Angled bangs also bring the same effect. Side swept bangs or wispy bangs, with a middle parting that are long enough to reach the chin work well with a heart shape.

Narrow Or Long Face
Long narrow faces can have long blunt bangs to make them look smaller. The side swept bangs also look good on a narrow face as they emphasise your eyes and shorten the length of your face.

Triangular Face
To make the triangular face look oval, you could work with wide bangs that are layered, wispy or feathered. Wispy fringes can camouflage a wide forehead and can give a narrow look to a wider chin.


    • Remember that your bangs grow almost half an inch every month. To maintain the desired effect of your bangs, be sure to trim them every three weeks.
    • For a stylish look, comb your bangs to the side and safely secure them to your head with a stylish hair clip or a colourful headband or a bandanna to draw the bangs away from your face. This gives you a trendy look even when you wait patiently for your bangs to achieve the same length as the rest of your hair.

Having a great bang that suits your face structure and hair type is not enough. You need to know how to take care of your bangs and also the right way to style them. When you get your bangs cut, learn from your stylist the most effortless way to style them. By using the right products and styling tools, you could achieve salon-like effect on your bangs even at home.