Cute Long Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles

Cute Long Hairstyles

Maintaining long hair is quite difficult and time consuming. In order to sport a cute long hairstyle, you must know that you need to take extra care of your hair to keep it healthy and to avoid split ends. Many girls want to grow their hair to longer lengths so that they can experiment with cute hairstyles available for long hair. But often they find it difficult to choose a suitable hairstyle for their long hair. Long hair is considered appealing and sexy, and most girls would love to do magic with long hair. Whether the hair is curly or straight, long hair styled nicely provides an extra zing to the personality of any woman. Didn’t you love the way your mother looked with the long hair framing her face, to complement her lovely clothes. The best part is with ever changing clothes and fashion trends, there are a number of wonderful innovations in hairstyles as well to cater to long hair. Read on for some cute long hairstyles that are simple, fun and easy to do and just so wonderfully appealing.

Pony Tails
A pony tail highlights facial features by pulling the hair away from the face and letting them flow in a classic pony’s tail at the back for a youthful look. Long hair can be made to look classy, stylish, sleek and yet cute in a pony tail. You can wear it to the gym, school, college or office, and even to a stylish dinner or a discotheque. It is the perfect hairstyle to sport in summers or when you are having a bad hair day. For a high pony tail, gather all your hair and, with the use of a ponytail holder, fix the hair at the crown of the head. This is perfect for summer. For an interview or a meeting, simply gather all your hair at the nape of your neck into a ‘low pony tail’, to affect a smart and professional look.

Whether you need a fancy night-out hairstyle or a simple hair-off-my-back style, an updo is perfect for an elegant and stunning look. Be it a prom, a wedding or a casual occasion, updos are always fascinating. When creating an updo, let a few strands flow on your shoulders to emphasize your neck. Curl the strands to get a more romantic and sexy look. You can make cute updos for curly long hair. You can even try bouncy ringlets or tight loops to get a new look. If you don’t have curly hair, get lose or tight curls using a curling iron. You can make an updo with curly hair by parting the hair in the center. Such updos portray a romantic look and are considered best for formal occasions.

Braids can be easily adapted to give a formal or casual look and can be highlighted by using several hair accessories. You can wear variations of braids to parties, work, casual outings and almost everywhere. In addition to making a single braid, two braids or many small braids to cover your head, you can choose between the basic three-strand braid, and more elaborate braids such as the fishtail or French braids. The fishtail braid style resembles the texture of a fish’s scales. Unlike the basic braid, the fishtail only uses two sections of hair. Another variation also comprises of four strands and gives an entirely different look. With all these options available, it’s no wonder that the good old braid has been in vogue for so long and continues to be one of the most sought-after hairstyles among women with long hair.

Cute Long Hairstyles With Bangs
Bangs are an instant way to give your hair a makeover, with no major changes to the length of your hair. The different types of bangs include side swept bangs, fringe bangs, choppy bangs, short bangs, long bangs, layered bangs and the not-really bangs. The most popular type of bang is the side swept bang. These bangs are cut long enough so that they can be swept to the side, just brushing across the eyes. A very choppy bang is suitable for you if you have a heart-shaped face with a prominent jaw line. A long hairstyle with side swept bangs is suitable for people who have a big forehead and a long face. Imagine how cute you’d look with those bangs sweeping slyly over your forehead!

A messy bun may seem like a bird’s nest sitting on top of your head, yet the effect is chic and elegant. It is a great hairstyle to go for when your hair is unmanageable and you have no time to straighten it out. The messier the better! If you’ve just got out of bed and need to rush, this is a great style. You’ll look nice and rumpled at the same time. This kind of look can be effected by simply rolling your hair up and securing it with a clip, an elastic band or a pair of hairpins, while adding some ornaments or some yarn to look more fun and edgy.

Cute long haircuts are sophisticated and elegant and create a fashion statement. But before deciding upon a cute long haircut, make sure you consider your personality and facial structure. There is an assortment of cute hairstyles you can wear your long hair in, and with the help of the many beautiful hair accessories in the market, a cute hairstyle can look even cuter with fun accessories adorning your crowning glory.