Damaged Hair Remedies & Treatments

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Damaged Hair Remedies & Treatments

Every woman yearns for long, lustrous, thick hair. Sadly, for many, achieving a head full of beautiful mane remains a distant dream. Thanks to pollution, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle and chemical based hair care products, most people suffer from dry, brittle, damaged hair. Dry, frail, tangled hairs are the few indications of unhealthy mane that splits and falls easily. This is why most women resort to numerous hair care treatments and products to banish their hairy woes. What they don’t realize is that these expensive treatments and products are only temporary fix and do more harm than good. To top it all, such commercial hair treatments are expensive enough to burn a hole in your pocket. Thankfully, there are countless home remedies to battle your hairy-bane that are not only effective and inexpensive, but are also devoid of any side effect. It’s easier to damage your hair than repair it. However, with suitable tools and tried-and-tested home remedies, you can overturn your damage and get back on track with perfect, healthy hair. So, instead of lamenting about the split ends, read this write-up to bring your mane back to life.

Remedies For Damaged Hair

Repair Damaged Hair With Beer, Vinegar And Jojoba Oil
There are plenty of simple home remedies for damaged hair. To be specific, vinegar and beer works wonder for the hair. Beer moisturizes your mane, while vinegar fights dryness and frizz and adds glow and shine to it. Mix beer with a teaspoon of jojoba oil, apply the solution to your hair, and massage extensively. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and shampoo your hair. You can also coat your hair with beer and vinegar and leave them on for a few minute before washing your mane. Follow it with a cold rinse. The cold water will help you get rid of the smell.

Oils For Hair Repair
Oil is good, not only for styling your hair, but also for making your hair feel smooth and soft. Oil conditions and moisturizes the scalp, thus promoting hair growth. You can also try the hot oil therapy by massaging your mane with oil and tying it with a hot towel or covering with a shower cap. Leave it on for 15 minutes for rinsing it off.

Deep Conditioning And A Hair Cut
Moisture is essential for healthy and manageable curly hair. If you lack moisture in your hair, you should look for a good conditioner, which is an excellent option to keep away the frizz and detangle the curls. There are cases when your curl requires a simple haircut. During the transition to natural hair, nothing can contribute better than cutting the damaged hair.

Egg Whites For Damaged Hair
The egg white treatment is the most popular home remedy for repairing damaged hair. You can start the process by cracking open one egg into a bowl in a way that egg white comes out of the shell and the yolk remains inside. You can use a whisker or a fork to whip the egg whites while blending the egg yolk. You must mix the ingredients and rinse your hair with hot water before applying the egg mixture. Massage the mixture with your hands for sometime before rinsing off your hair with cold water.

Hair Treatment With Avocados
Take an avocado and mix it with mashed banana. Apply this mixture on your hair and leave it on for almost 30 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. You can also mix ½ an avocado and a jar of mayonnaise. Mix both until the mixture turns green. Apply the solution to the hair, just as you would apply a conditioner. Following this, cover your head with a shower cap to seal the heat and leave it on for almost 10 minutes. Rinse it off with a regular shampoo. Your hair will feel soft and smooth and shine like never before.

Tips For Damaged Hair

    • Plenty of water intake is necessary to keep the body hydrated and your hair shiny.
    • Regular use of olive oil helps control damaged, frizzy and dry hair. You can add some olive oil to your food or rub some on your scalp to give your hair a healthy boost.
    • After washing the hair, apply a small amount of silicone serum to the hair to prevent it from breakage or over-drying.
    • Ensure not to use electrical appliances such as hot irons, blow dryers and curlers.
    • Jojoba, if applied to the ends of the hair, makes it softer and works wonders on frizzy and dry hair.
    • Damaged hair must be deep conditioned at least once a week. You must dampen the hair just before bedtime and apply a conditioner directly on to it. Cover your head with a shower cap and leave the condition on for all-night. The damaged hair will soak up the conditioner properly and yield lustrous mane the next day.

Though this long list of homemade remedies may help you repair your damaged hair, it is also wise to find out the cause of your hair damage. You must analyze your lifestyle and food habits and observe the things that affect your hair. Fixing the problem from the root will enable you to look after your tresses. If the reason is harsh sun of the summer months, ensure you wear a hat every time you go out. If coloring takes a toll on your hair, make sure that you stop using it and leave your hair to its au natural shade.