Hair Braiding Instructions

Hair Braiding Instructions

Hair plaits or braids have always been potent fashion statements. Braids are known for their juvenile and fresh look, which anyone can wear. You can always disguise your hair by braiding it when you have no time for shampooing or styling your hair. It also helps your tresses look neat on the windiest of days. In order to achieve a lasting, neat result, your hair should be at least 2 inches longer than your jaw-line. You are recommended to not apply anything too wet on to your hair, as it will result in making the braids slippery and moist. In order to uphold braids for a longer time, secure the ends of your hair with snag-free elastic bands. A braid is an ideal hairdo when you are out for a camping trip or for travelling as you can be carefree with this hairstyle. One braid is petite, double braids look girlie and full head braids signify a bold woman. There are different types of braids that you can chose from that would maintain your hair looking voguish and well groomed for a very long time in a tangle free way.

English Braid
An English braid is the most common and the easiest braids of all. All you need to do is to divide your hair into three equal parts and start braiding from the nape of your neck by crossing the left strand over the middle strand, then the right strand over the middle strand. Braid till the bottom and secure it at the end with an elastic hair band.

French Braid
The French braid is a hot favorite hairdo among female athletes for its less fussy nature and its long time stay-on strength. For French braiding, you need to start all the way up from the forehead by creating tight braids. Basically, it’s almost the same like English braids, but instead of dividing hair into three parts, start braiding with smaller sections by adding hair in bits and from each side as you cross over the center strand. You can try two different styles; either you braid till the ends of the strand and secure it with an elastic band or else you can stop braiding at the nape and can make a pony there by leaving your hair loose. French braids can be worn on meetings as they give a very neat and sleek formal look.

Fishtail Braid
Fishtail braid, also known as fishbone braid, is a sea inspired look. Though it looks a bit complicated and is time consuming, it’s actually easy to do and is so much fun. Unlike regular braids, fishtail braids are created by dividing your hair into two sections. Hold both the sections of your hair in one hand, separated by your pointer finger, and then grab a small portion from the outer side of one section with your other hand. Envisage that you are doing a regular braid and pull the strands over to the other half, and take a small portion from outside of that section and plait it in the reverse way. Keep braiding till you reach the end and finish it with a hair bobble or elastic. For an intentionally unkempt look, pull out few strands and stretch out the braids. If you feel that your hair is too long, tuck it into a bun.

Classic Braid
The Classic braid, commonly known as the schoolgirl braid, is an ideal hairdo if you crave to go back to those flirtatious high school days. This style can be created by dividing your hair into two equal parts. Plait each side identically in English braid style. This hairdo is very popular among adults due to its effortless and young look

Dutch Braid
A Dutch braid is basically an inverted French braid. This hairstyle is created by using left under middle and right under middle technique. Instead of weaving the strands over, the strands are weaved under to create Dutch braid which stands out from your head, giving an elegant look.

Latest trends come and go but the classics stays forever. Braids are for everyone, from school children to teenagers, and to adults. Braids can be worn on any occasion; say it is your birthday party or your friend’s wedding or even your high school convocation, it will never fail you in giving that high end ultra-glam look. With a little amount of practice, you can be an expert in hair braiding and can create your own versions of braid; this hairstyle is very flexible and can be experimented with, almost constantly. You set the trend and let others follow you. Happy braiding!