Haircuts For Different Face Shapes

Haircuts For Different Face Shapes

You tried to experiment with a trendy hairstyle which looks great on your favourite celebrity but somehow, it isn’t nearly as charming as it looks on him/her. No clue whatsoever, as to why it looks so odd on you, even when you got it done from a professional hairstylist. It’s not because your hairstylist did it wrong! It’s because of the face you have. No mistake in reading, no! The shape of a face does limit the number of hairstyles you can choose from. Even a perfectly done hairstyle put on a wrong face type will come out a disaster. A hairstyle has geometrical mathematics running behind it; one wrong arc and it will ruin the whole look of the figure. Or have it this way then: it is like putting a perfect frame on a masterpiece of a painting. Don’t want to appear a misfit, do you? Hairstyle and the colour of hair is something which is easily manageable, it’s the shape of the face you’d like to get right, for it is a base on which everything else depends. So, read on the article and educate yourself about face shapes and hairstyles.

Determining Your Face Type:

    • You have an oval face if the length of your face is one and a half times the width of your face.
    • If the width and length of your face is almost the same then you have a round face.
    • You will be considered a rectangular face if the length of your face is slightly longer than the width of your face.
    • You have a heart face shape if your jaw line is narrower than the cheek bones and your forehead.
    • A person is called to have a square face when the shape of the face is as long as its width and is edgy around the jaw line and forehead.
    • Your face shape is triangular if your face is narrow at the temples and wide at the jaw bone.
    • A diamond face shape is when your face shape is widest at the cheekbones with narrow forehead and equal jaw line.

Oval Face Hairstyles
The oval shapes generally have a slightly narrower chin and the features of such face types are perfectly shaped. Hence, it is advised that the person with oval face shape should flaunt the facial features and not cover the face with bangs or similar hairstyles. Almost all hairstyles suit an oval shaped face and hence, choosing one is no big deal with such a face. And they will best suit you when you style them off your face. A slick back look will also do. However, having hair falling over your face will add weight to your face and will make your face look bigger.

Rectangular Face Hairstyles
A rectangular face usually has a long slender look along with a wide forehead. In most cases, the forehead is almost equal to the cheek bones. If this is the case, the length of hair should be medium or short. Also, the rectangular shape face will have a fuller face on the sides, which is why little bangs in front will help soften the look of a rectangular face. Long haircuts should be avoided because they will make the length of the face seem even longer. Centre parts will give your face a balanced look.

Round Face Hairstyles
It is one of the fuller looking faces. The people who have them project authority and command respect. The maximum width is seen at the portion between the ears and these persons usually have fuller cheeks. People with round face shapes should try hairstyles which are fuller at the crown area and have some height, thus making the face appear longer. Hair, with length past your chin and kept in a swept back manner will look good on such a face cut. Short haircuts should be avoided and also, a layered hairstyle will give your face a much better look.

Square Face Hairstyles
The major features of this face shape are a strong jaw line along with an equally broad hairline. The hair length which will suit this face type is medium to short, with wave or curls around the face. This will give your face a more rounded look and should take away some attention from your strong jaw line. You can surely go for a perm if your hair is straight; a body wave perm will do the trick. Long and straight hairstyle will only make your face look broader and should be avoided. Also, centre parting and linear bangs are an absolute no-no.

Heart Face Hairstyles
The heart shaped faces are broadest at the temples and hairline. The chin length hair or longer will go perfectly with this face shape. Some other styles which you can really go with are side partings or the forward sweep of layers in front of the face, which will look awesome. Bobbed hairstyle is something which will greatly suit your face type. However, short and fuller hairstyles should be completely avoided as these will emphasize, especially, on your upper face. Instead, go with hairstyles which will accentuate your cheek bones.

Triangular Face Hairstyles
A triangular face, with heavy but narrowing cheek bones and a dominant narrowing jaw line, is quite the opposite of the heart face shape. A medium to shorter hairstyle is sure to look great on such a face with short length tapering around the neck. For enhanced look, go with an off-centre parting. Wedges and shags are also in vogue nowadays. Remember to tuck your hair behind the ears so that your temples and eyes are emphasized on. Long and fuller hairstyles should be avoided as these will only attract attention towards the heavy jaw line.

Diamond Face Hairstyles
It is a mixture of two face shapes: heart and oval. People with this face type can experiment a lot with their hairstyles. Having said that, it is worth mentioning that medium to short hair are more likely to go accentuate your facial features rather than bangs or similarly styled.

You can definitely experiment a lot with different hairstyles but then at the end of the day, it is these points that will help you choose a hairstyle that complements your face. Keep them in mind the next time you go to the stylist!