Hairstyles For Little Boys

hairstyle for little boys

Little kids are hardly conscious about their hairstyles. It is when they reach their teens that they start making considerations towards it. So, the parents enjoy the complete liberty and influence over choosing the hairstyle for their kids. But with this liberty comes a responsibility of adorning your kid so that he stands out among his mates. In that regard, first of all the parents must figure out which particular hairstyle suits him the best out of all the options available. A short hairstyle for young boys is popular, keeping in mind the fact that they like to run, play, and gambol. After all, boys will be boys. However, considering the latest trends in fashion, some of the most fashionable or “cool”, yet simple hairstyles have been compiled in this article. It is also important to consider the boys’ age and facial structure while choosing a hairdo.You can cut your child’s hair at home, or go to a salon for a special style. Here are some of the most trendy and most popular hairstyles for little boys.

Trendy Hairstyle For Little Boys

Comb Down Style For Boys
It is a conventional and flamboyant hairstyle for boys. One key feature is that it is easy to manage and does not interrupt physical activities. It may not be as popular as the crew cut or spikes, but many boys still prefer it, even those who are in their teens. To get this style, the hair is cut above the eyebrows and combed down. Moreover, the side of the hair and the back is kept longer than usual. Good one for the winter!

Crew Or The Buzz Cut
It is probably the best hairstyle for young boys because the length can be varied to assume different looks and, thus is best suited for the summers. It also looks very trendy and at the same time is very convenient for vigorous physical activities including sports. Here, the hair is cut very short, with clippers, to a length which falls within the range of half an inch to 1/8th of an inch.

Side Swept
Attainable for both short and long hair, the side swept hairstyle imparts a more matured look and best suits the boys who are not superlatively active. One more significant benefit of donning this particular style is that it befits all the formal occasions. However, the hairstyle takes a little time to style and entails a bit of an effort in its maintenance but offers a look quite contrary to that of a crew cut. As the side sweep can be acquired with both long and short hair, it offers some degree of versatility as well.

The Bowl Cut
There are certain considerations to be made regarding the texture of the hair before opting for this particular style, as the bowl cut suits little guys with thick, straight hair better. The name bowl cut is derived from the fact that it obtained by placing a bowl on the head. Using it as guide line, the hair is clipped off under the edge of the bowl. It is also sometimes referred to as the mushroom cut; the hair is cut short on the sides and back and left longer on the top.

The Caesar Cut
The Caesar cut was the best-selling hair style in the 1990s. No points for guessing where it got its name from, yes, its “Julius Caesar”. In this hairstyle, the hair is trimmed 1-2 inches around the head and the bangs are left slightly longer to fall on and cover the forehead. The top can be easily styled with gel to create spikes or to push the bangs back.

The Cool Spikes
In the recent years, this hairdo has perhaps surpassed all other contemporary fashions and is the latest in vogue. There has been an overwhelming rise in the number of kids who prefer to don this particular hairdo. It offers versatility and also the liberty to play with the lengths. This hairstyle suits all hair textures except curly hair.

Some of the most popular and simple hairdos for little boys have been mentioned above. But make sure to keep your child’s haircut as simple as you can. Whenever you choose one particular hairdo out of the lot, don’t go by whim or do not try to be too fanciful, always keep in mind that it must be the best suited for your child.