Hairstyles For Round Faces For Women

hairstyles for round faces women

Human faces can broadly be classified into different shapes viz. square, round, triangular, heart shaped and oval. Some faces fall into more than a single category and are called combination face-shapes. You have to first determine the shape of your face. A round face would be one wherein the length, i.e. the distance between the midpoint of the forehead and the tip of the chin, and the width, i.e. the distance across the widest part of your face, is the same. Though a round face looks softer than an angular face, it can sometimes give a visual impression of plumpness. At any cost, an oval or a heart shaped face is preferred by most women. If you are born with a round face and want to change your appearance, there are a lot of options open for you. The best option is to change your hairstyle. By choosing the right style, you can help cover the weaker aspects of your face and, at the same time, enhance your stronger features. Keeping the hair dense on top of the head, while thinning out the sides, lengthens your face. Here are some hairstyles for round faces that you can choose from.

Round Face Hairstyles For Women

The Short Style

    • Generally, longer styles suit round faces, but if you prefer keeping your hair short then you should try a bob that is just about chin level, or between the chin and the shoulders.
    • Ideally, the ends of the hair are trimmed so that they look wispy and uneven, or are cut in gentle waves since a blunt or an even cut will make your face look broader.
    • You could add bangs on top which fall loosely over your forehead from a parting on the side, not the centre.
    • Bangs on the sides should definitely be avoided, as they make the face look fuller and broader while the idea here is to make it look not so round.
    • If you do not favour bobs, you could opt for a short swept-back style that takes the hair back, away from the face.
    • If your hair is curly or wavy, either have it straightened by a stylist or make sure the hair from the sides of your head is thinned out to keep the face from appearing fuller.

The Shoulder Length Or Longer Style

    • The hair is ideally kept shoulder-length or longer, and is the most suitable style for round faces.
    • The hair should be cut in gentle graduating layers, which will make your face appear longer.
    • The layers can be varied throughout the length but the bulk of the layering should be around the crown of the head to add volume and height to the hair.
    • Usually, straight hair is a good fit with round faces, but if your hair is wavy or curly and you are not convinced with straightening then you can keep the hair long and just thin out the hair from the sides of your head.
    • Wavy hair, styled well by a professional hairstylist, can actually help camouflage the roundness of your face.
    • Generally, adding layers on the top and keeping the waves or curls below chin level, also makes your face appear longer visually and gives you the effect that you are trying to achieve.

Sports Styling

    • If you are outdoorsy and enjoy sports, you would not want your hair flying into the face when the game is on. Pulling the hair back is not a very flattering appearance for round-faced women. There are a few options to get the hair away from your face, while continuing to look good.
    • If you have short hair, a thin head band will not only help keep the hair off your face, but will also help add height and volume to the hair at the top of your head, making your face appear longer.
    • The other thing you can try is having a ponytail that is tied at the nape of your neck or pulled higher up on your head. It can be combined with bangs which should fall forward, partly covering your forehead.
    • Still another option is to have a few loose strands falling around your face, above or below chin level.

These styles can do the trick and give a not-so-round effect to your face and also showcase the more appealing aspects of your appearance like your specific facial features or your body type and even your attire. However, make friends with a good hairstylist so you can put these styles to good use.

So, despair no more if you have a round face and have been at odds on what hairstyle is going to give you the effect you know you can create. The use of modern techniques combined with a bit of stylish imagination would allow you to be trendy, cool and fashionable. By choosing an appropriate hairstyle you can enhance your beautiful looks and do your moon-like round face proud.