Hairstyles For Small Faces

hairstyle for small faces

People with small faces always try to find out various tips and tricks in order to highlight the features of their face. Change in hairstyle is one of the best tips to try. A perfect hairstyle will reveal the features of your small face. Most of the people with small faces prefer long hair, which is not a proper choice. According to hairstyle experts, people with small faces should always opt for short hair in order to reveal the features of their face. And they have proved it for many celebrities, such as, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet,Rachael Leigh Cook , Sarah Jessica Parker and Katie Homes. ‘Wow’ is the word that comes to your lips when you watch them walk on the red carpet or acting in a movie. Isn’t it? Well, there is no doubt that everyone, whether small faced or long faced wants to enhance his or her personality in order to get an edge over others in the crowd. Here we have mentioned the best hairstyles for small faced women and men. All you have to do is: know the shape of your face, select any of the hairstyles mentioned here, and get that ‘wow’ factor.

Hairstyle For Women With Small Faces

They are in trend and everyone is opting for them; be it Halle Berry, Emma Watson, Kate Winslet, or Meryl Streep. The bob will not only give you an edge but will also come out as a total make-over for you. You can take cues from Ashley Greene who has played the role of Alice in Twilight. You can use beautiful hair-bands with flowers and bows for a perfect look.

Side-braid, French-braid, reverse braid, or fish tail—all of these are in trend these days. Try these if you have medium to long hair. Adding hair clips, hair-bands, and other similar material will transform the ‘oh-so-boring’ plait into ‘I too want that plait’. Learn from your grandmother or mum, otherwise let your mum do it for you. These braids accentuate your face, thus revealing its features and making it look longer.

The idea is to highlight the features of your face, so tie-up your hair either into a messy bun or a sophisticated tight bun. Make them on any of the sides or at the centre, but don’t forget to add hair accessory like a flower or Chinese sticks on them. These tools will add oomph to your hair.

Layered Cut
Layered hairstyle will add volume to your face, thus making it appear longer. A layered haircut with side-swept bangs will highlight your facial features and make the face appear elongated.

Pixie Crop
Pixie crop, the short hairstyle, with side parting and side swept crop cut fringes is exclusively for you. It is best suited for anyone who has small face. Try to keep your hair shorter as it will highlight your cheekbones and jaw-line. Ema Watson, the actress in the movie Harry Potter, wears a pixie crop hairstyle. You can take a cue from any of her photographs. Furthermore, enhance your best features by applying eye make up or lipsticks.

Shorter in the front and longer at the back, asymmetrical hairstyle can also help your small face look longer. Try asymmetrical bangs if you like. Ask your hairstylist to make the angles deliberate and drastic instead of minor and subtle. Angles will cut out the compactness of your face.

Hairstyle For Men With Small Faces

Crew Cut
A crew cut hairstyle is perfect for the guys with small face as this hairstyle keeps your hair shorter at the sides and it gradually gets a bit longer from crown to the front hairline. It gives an illusion of fuller hair on scalp that makes the face appear longer. This easy to manage haircut gives a hot look to guys with normal sized heads and oval shaped face. Take the idea from popular football star, David Beckham.

Caesar Cut
As the name suggests, this cut has been inspired from Caesar himself. Though this cut is from 90s, but it is still one of the popular hairstyles for men with small faces. The technique of this haircut is to have layers that are approximately one to two inches long. The bangs are pressed forward to fall on forehead, thus making your jaw line prominent.
Try out these hairstyles to make your face look longer but make sure that you discuss it with your hairstylist as the hairdo may differ a bit according to the texture of your hair.