How To Curl Thick Hair

Curly Hairstyles

How To Curl Thick Hair

Are you tired of maintaining poker straight hair? It’s time you added some curls to your style. Curls are very contemporary and make you look ravishing. They go with any occasion, be it casual or formal and the different hairstyles you can try with your curls are endless. You can curl any type of hair with the right tools and accessories. Of all the hair types, thick hair can sometimes cause difficulty while curling. Thick hair do not hold curls well and make your hair look very limply uneven upon curling. They have a tendency to spring out of your curling tools and finally, even if you have managed to make a few curls, there is no guarantee that it will hold. Isn’t there a way to curl your thick tresses? Fret not, all you need to do is to follow a few effective techniques to curl your hair with curling irons, straighteners (flat irons) and heat rollers. Though curling thick hair can be time consuming, the result is always mind blowing.

Curling Thick Hair
With A Curling Iron
Curling thick hair can be very tricky. Even with curling irons, you need to work a little harder to get the perfect curls. You would require the following things to curl thick hair with a curling iron:

    • A Curling Iron
    • Hair Gel
    • A Comb
    • Hair Spray


    • Wash your hair thoroughly to remove any dirt and styling products applied earlier. Hair sprays and other styling products applied earlier hinder your efforts to curl your hair.
    • Condition the ends of your hair well to make them more manageable.
    • Apply hair gel from root to tip. Make sure you coat your hair well with the hair gel.
    • Dry your hair well from roots to tips.
    • After your hair is dry, set the curling iron on high setting. Comb your hair well to remove tangles and section them.
    • Place each section of hair in the curling iron, spreading it against the barrel and twist the iron. You can twist it once for a wavy look or several times for tighter curls. Hold it on for 5-10 seconds
    • Release the iron and check out your curls. Repeat the same process with all the other section of hair. It should not take you more that 10 minutes.
    • If you want to keep your curls for long then spritz them with a little hair spray.

Using A Flat Iron (a.k.a Straightener)
Just as with curling irons, flat irons or straighteners let you curl your thick tresses in no time. Keep the following things ready before you attempt to curl your hair.

    • A Flat Iron (Straightener)
    • A Comb
    • Hair Gel
    • Some Hair Clips
    • Hair Spray


    • Wash your hair thoroughly to remove any dirt and other styling products.
    • Dry your hair properly and divide it into sections. Use hair clips to section your hair. Make five to eight sections within horizontal layers.
    • Choose your flat iron. It is best have a one inch flat iron with round external edges as these edges help in shaping the curls.
    • Select a section of hair to curl. Work with one layer of hair at a time, starting from bottom and continuing to top
    • Apply hair gel to the section of hair from root to tip. Try taking about one inch sections of hair at a time to curl.
    • Clamp the flat iron around the section of hair about two or three inches from the scalp. Then slowly flip the iron to an angle of 180 degrees.
    • Hold the iron in the same position and drag it to the ends of your hair. Now gently release the iron and you will have a striking curl

Apply generous amount of hair spray if you want your thick hair to hold the curls for a long time.

Using Heat Rollers
Heat rollers are also effective tools of curling thick hair. They can curl your hair in no more than ten minutes. The things you will need are:

    • Heat Rollers
    • Hair Gel or Mousse
    • A Hair Brush
    • Hair Spray


    • Preheat your heat rollers on high setting.
    • Prepare your hair for curling by liberally applying hair gel or mousse.
    • Brush a two-inch section of hair away from your scalp and hold it firmly with one hand.
    • With the other hand, hold the roller at the tip of the section of hair and roll it underneath towards your scalp. Using the pins in the roller, secure it to your head.
    • Repeat with all the other sections of hair until your head is full of rollers.
    • Allow the heat rollers to do their job for the next 10 minutes.
    • Remove the curlers and spritz with the hair spray. You can style your curls with your fingers to build volume.

Using heat products like the curling iron, flat iron or heat rollers, do not always create the desired effect on thick hair. Moreover, if you use them constantly, they can even damage your hair. In case your thick hair does not hold curls with the help of curling iron or other heat products, the only option left for you would be to get a perm done.