How To Do Twist Hairstyles

How To Do Twist Hairstyles

Standing in front of the mirror, all you want right now is that messy twist hairstyle that you adore so much. Wondering about the countless times you’ve tried and failed, your mind starts to ponder over the past. You tried a number of times with curlers and other such stuff but somehow the style eluded you. You visited parlours, took suggestions from friends but still, the result came out to be nothing. Now, even though there are a number of styles you can choose from, you are quite adamant that you want to sport such a look. Make no mistake; we appreciate your devotion. For twist hairstyles are such that they give one’s personality a casual touch along with an intellectual air. Also, a twist hairstyle is easy to maintain on a casual day, when you are taking a walk by the beach or stepping out on a windy day. The best thing – this style works great for both straight and curly hair. It is fool-proof, quick to achieve, and once you get the hang of it, you won’t let go. So, let’s see how twist hairstyle can be achieved.

How To Do Twist Hairstyles

Before actually twisting your hair you need to prepare them for giving them a new style. It is argued that, at times, dry hair is easier to style than wet hair, so you can try styling your hair either way. In case of latter, damp your hair with water. It’s better to use a hair sprayer, and then apply some oil which will help in forming the proper style. You’ll have to experiment a little before getting that perfect twist look.

Set The Size
Setting the size of the twist section is quite an important part. So, while setting sections, be careful and set sections of equal lengths. Segmenting the hairstyle into uneven parts will make it look bad. Use a rat tailed comb to create clean separate partitions, and if necessary, use your fingers to make these partitions. And to keep the hair in front of the head look clean and organized, simply use your hand. Each partition should be applied with a holding agent of some kind to keep it firm.

Next step is to divide each section of hair into two parts. Make them even with the help of your fingers. This is necessary because if the partitions are uneven then at the end you might be short of hair on one portion and may have to borrow some from the other partition, which will create an uneven look.


    • Next step is to twist the two partitions of hair onto each other. This is quite a task as it takes experience and precision, else you will end up with a messy hairdo. But with practice, you’ll be able to achieve the required precision. So, if you are not able to prepare a perfect twisty hairstyle at the first few tries then don’t lose heart, as you will only get better at it with time. And soon you will easily be able to twist your hair using just the fingers of your hand.
    • Now keep on twisting the section of hair in a particular direction. Gradually, work downwards and you will be able to get the desired braids. But remember that the direction towards which you will twist your hair depends totally on the fact whether you are right handed or left handed.
    • You are not supposed to twist all the sections of hair in one direction. While twisting the hair on the front section of your face, decide whether you want the twists to fall in front of the face or at the back of it. If you want the twist to fall in front twist them towards the face, else, twist away from the face.
    • When twisting the hair, try to maintain an even tension throughout the braid, or else the braid will look uneven. Also, the twists with even force will stay put for longer duration of time.
    • Keep on twisting till you reach the end of the hair partitions. Put the holding agent at the ends to hold the twists. Then release the hold and see the hair form into supple twists. The twists will settle down by themselves and will remain in position for longer time.
    • The quality of twists will depend upon the texture of your hair and on whether you started braiding them dry or wet. Dried hair will give a puffy twist while wet hair will give a skinnier twirl. The ends will surely unravel but the upper part of the hair will remain such.

If even after trying all the steps and taking all the precautions you are not able to get that perfect look, don’t lose heart as practice is the key to perfection. In due time, you are sure to twist your hair in a way you always wanted them to look.