How To Punk Hair

How To Punk Hair

One of the most flamboyant and conspicuous of all hairstyles, the punk began in the late 70s as a music genre but soon became a fashion style. Punk is a look, an attitude, a subculture that has been influenced by various cultures, art movements and music. Although the roots remain the same, over the years, it has taken a new meaning as a style and an attitude. The one thing that all punk styles have in common is that they turn heads. Just like the music genre that gave it its name, the punk is a style that expresses individuality and oozes style and statement. The rebels have long sought to express themselves through this style and it is little wonder that it goes well with everything that represents youth and vitality. If you are someone highly besotted with the style, then understanding the niceties of the style would do you a good deal of help.

How To Punk Hair

Dying Or Highlighting Hair
Punks have unnatural hair colours like blue, pink and green. These colors are semi-permanent and usually fade after several washes. The colors will not permanently change the hue of hair and may not even show on dark hair color. The colors will appear vibrant on bleached hair. Contact the stylist before your appointment to verify if they have the color you want. Re-apply the color as needed to avoid the faded and sloppy look

The punk hairstyle has many cuts. One is the long shaggy look on top with buzz cut on the lower half of the head. Another cut is the irregular, asymmetrical one. These cuts are common among teenagers and protesters.

Another feature that dominates the punk hairstyle is the style, the most common one being the mohawk hairstyle. Another famous punk style is the fly away, where the hair instead of being styled is let loose. For the creation of a punk hairstyle, various accessories like spikes, loops, parts and braids can be used.

Choosing Your hairstyle

The punk hairstyle can be created according to the need and wish of the individual. A person can opt for a temporary or a permanent hairstyle. It is created for people who work and want to put down the unruly environment of work and enjoy it. In the past, there were different types of punk hairstyles such as the mohawk, spikey and others, which gave a funky look. The latest fashion is of wearing asymmetrical side-swept bangs. The seventies fashion of fanned, tall inspirations are outdated by the short, square and touchable styles. Here are some of the latest trends:

    • For people who need to shuttle between professional and social lives, something as cool and trendy as the urban mohawk would be a great bet. In this haircut, the hair on the sides is trimmed. It’s a flexible style in the sense that the hair can be either combed back with gel for the stylish and formal look or can be left rumpled for the night outs. Those who do not feel up to this style can try the short spikes.
    • For those who wish to have a rock star effect, the punk mullet hairstyle is apt. Cut short on the top and left long on the back, this style says punk like nothing else. The drawback of this style is that it does not suit those with even head shapes. Therefore, it is important to choose a hairstyle, which suits you and for that it is very important understand your features.

There are many who think the punk hairstyle is only for the guys but this is not true as it is something for the girls too. Punk hairstyles do not depend on the sex but on the style and the confidence to wear it. While choosing a style, choose whatever is best for you and do not copy others. Adding highlights to your hair is also an option. Here are some popular punk hairstyles for girls.

    • Original punk hairstyle, which was more prominent during the 1980s, is a traditional style wherein gel is applied to make the spikes and dyed in shades of purple or pink. This kind of fashion was more prominent in the 1980s.
    • In the skate punk hairstyle, popularized by the famous Kelly Osborne, the hair is cut in asymmetrical lengths and spikes are fashioned with the help of gel. While making up this hairstyle, more focus is given to the ends, which are made to look tiny, cute and spunky. The ends are made to look brilliant with the neon colors so that it focuses largely on the extra hairs.
    • In death or horror punk hairstyle, first the hair is dyed in either black or blue-black in color. It is only after this the spikes are made, which resemble that of the mohawk type.
    • In pop punk hairstyle, which is exclusively for women, it is necessary to have long hair to create this look. In this, half the hair is dyed with varying light colored dyes.


Condition Hair Regularly
Conditioning is necessary if you bleach hair or do permanent colouring. Spend extra time and money to care for your hair and invest in special shampoos and conditioners to maximize the color’s longevity. Choose a conditioner with UV protection.

Caring For Your Hair
Caring for the hair is tough for people with curly hair, as it has to be straightened first to create the punk look. For any kind of shaved look, haircuts are to be maintained. As with any other hairstyles the most important basic necessities are washing, drying and the other basic steps.