How To Scrunch Your Hair

How to scrunch your hair

If your hair has any sign of waviness, then scrunching is the way to style it. Scrunching is generally a technique which creates waves on your hair so that you can get rid of the flat look of hair sticking to the head without any volume to it. It obviously gives hair the extra volume and the much-needed zing. Curls are considered as a very delicate and romantic updo for hair. Curls state feminism, always enhancing your fashion statement if worn with proper sense and style. Scrunching can be done without inviting any sort of dryness or frizziness to the hair. Everyone has their own way of scrunching which works best for their hair type. Remember, all hair is not same, the results won’t be the same as another person’s. You can use various scrunching products available in the market, such as, gel, mousse, hairspray, hair wax, or nothing at all, depending on your hair type. Know your hair type and find you own way of scrunching you hair.

Learning How To Scrunch Your Hair
Scrunching is a technique that you need to master to get those beautiful and unfrizzy curls. Curls add volume to the hair, so proper scrunching can give you those perfect curls with zero dryness. If you still don’t know how to scrunch hair, then know that the secret to scrunching hair lies in the tiny detail of adding curls or waves without drying it. Ordinarily, scrunching is easier done on naturally wavy or curly hair. However, this does not mean that women with long straight hair cannot scrunch their hair at all. The steps to create those ever desired curls are listed below.

For Naturally Wavy Hair

    • The first step to scrunch naturally wavy hair or even curly hair is to use a special shampoo and conditioner for increased volume and more curls. After washing your hair, use the curl enhancing products and towel dry your hair, make sure that your hair remains damp. This step is important to get rid of the extra moisture that won’t work well with the scrunching products like, mousse, hair gel, etc. If your hair tends to get frizzy, apply some anti frizz spray to it. If you don’t want to wash your hair, just moisten hair properly from roots to tips, this will prepare your hair for the next step.
    • When you are done preparing your hair for scrunching, the next step is to scrunch the hair right away. Rumple the hair (using mousse, or hair gel) using both your hands; starting from the ends continue crumpling all the way to the roots. When you are done doing this, blow-dry your hair. The diffuser must be connected to the blow dryer. Now run the diffuser all throughout your hair. Make sure you rotate between clockwise and anticlockwise directions. When your hair dries up, stop.

For Long And Straight Hair

    • The right way to scrunch naturally straight and long hair is a bit different, although the initial steps for preparing the hair remains the same in all cases. So for this, you should wash your hair with volume enhancing shampoo and conditioner before going to bed. Towel dry your hair after the wash just until the extra moisture dries up. Now put some light holding spray on your hair.
    • Now that you are done preparing your hair for scrunching, the next is to part your hair into a few sections, and then tightly braid each section. Secure the braids using elastic band so that they stay in place even when you are asleep. Upon waking up, just untie the braids and run your fingers to loosen the cluttered hair. Do this for two to three times and you are ready to flaunt those romantic flows.

Simple Tips To Have Those Smooth And Flowing Curls After Scrunching

    • Always use good quality volume enhancing shampoo and conditioner.
    • After washing your hair, towel dry your hair until water stops dripping from the hair, extra moisture don’t help in retaining the curling hair products.
    • Use anti frizzing spray if your hair tends to get frizzy.
    • Use mousse or hair gel in a proper manner. Take out a generous amount of either of the products (the one which suits your style) and rumple your hair from end to root in a continuous fashion until you achieve even curls all throughout your hair.
    • Use a wide toothed hairbrush to comb your hair.
    • Finally, keep your hair healthy to reflect glow and style.

So, now you have it—the right way to scrunch your hair. All you should know is that scrunching is a technique that needs to be mastered well in order to get it right each time. But as the saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect”, practice well and flaunt those perfect curls which give you carefree and confident aura. Give yourself that “wow” factor every time you step out. Use the tricks and step out in style.