How To Straighten Curly Hair

straighten curly hair

Just as people with straight hair ardently desire for a bunch of curls, straight sleek hair is the dream of many a curly haired individual. Be it a man or a woman, nobody can deny the versatility and grace that comes with straight shiny hair. Whether or not straight hair suits you is a different matter altogether; getting it straight is the priority here. Technology has advanced to such a level that even the curliest of curls can now be straightened in a couple of hours. From blow drying to applying straightening creams, from using flat irons to other hair styling products, ways of effectively straightening hair are wide and varied. How many times have you dreamt of having sleek, sexy tresses like those of Megan Fox or Zac Efron? If you have dreamt of it then it is time you acted on your dreams and went hair-straight. Read on for different ways of straightening curly hair and get straight hair ASAP!

Straightening Curly Hair

Blow Dry
This is the conventional way of straightening hair. It works best on wavy or curly hair.

    • After wetting you hair, hold your hair straight with a comb or preferably a round brush.
    • Now blow dry with hot air.
    • Just as you iron out wrinkles from a cloth, this method straightens out the curls.

Straightening your hair this way gives your hair a natural look. The natural looks of these curls would depend on your skill with the blow dryer. It is always better to make a hairstylist blow dry your hair rather than doing it yourself. However, this method would not work well for extremely curly or frizzy hair.

Flat Irons
This is an inexpensive way to get your hair straightened. All you have to do is to buy a good flat iron which you could use several times on your hair. A flat iron consists of two metal plates or ceramic plates in the shape of a V. You can have silky straight tresses by pulling it through your hair. Flat irons can straighten almost all types of hair and do not take much time also. It is a great tool to have if you are too busy to spend long hours at the salon for getting your hair straightened. However, flat irons can damage your hair and create frizz as they tend to take away all the moisture from your hair.

Styling Products
You can straighten wavy hair using natural styling agents such as hot oil treatments or coconut milk treatments. They would take a long time in bringing results. A better bet would be to use styling products such as hair spray, hair gel, mousse etc. Apply them liberally on your hair and then comb thoroughly. They will hold the hair straight till your next hair-wash. These products work on straightening your tresses better than blow drying though they do not impart the same natural look.

Silicone Creams
If you do not prefer using heat to straighten your hair, your answer lies in silicone creams. Silicone creams are easy to use. All you need to do is rub the cream in when your hair is still wet and comb it out. The oily material in the silicone cream prevents your hair from curling up when it dries, giving your hair the sleek straight look you desire. It works on all types of hair but it does not give your hair a natural look. Your hair will look pulled down and might even feel pretty greasy. It will also get dirty pretty fast and the effect of the cream lasts only till your next hair-wash.

Brazilian Hair Straightening
By using this method, you can get your hair straightened for long periods of time. In this method, a keratin based protein formula is applied on to your hair and then flat iron is used to straighten your hair. When ironed, the protein gets crystallized and holds your hair straight. The straightened texture of your hair lasts for at least three months. This method was very popular until it was discovered that formaldehyde was included in the formula, which could be hazardous to health. Also, you are advised against frequent washing as the straightening effects could possibly get reversed.

Japanese Straightening
This method of hair straightening is more permanent than Brazilian hair straightening. Here too, the hairstylist applies a special formula all over the hair, and works with a flat iron and neutralizing solution to straighten out the hair. Though the effect lasts for almost six months, the chemicals in the formula are extremely harmful to the hair. This is a comparatively expensive technique.

Hair Relaxer
You can treat extremely frizzy hair with a relaxer to get it straightened. In this method, a chemical is applied to the hair which changes the natural properties of the hair. This process breaks the protein bonds from the hair, thus changing its entire structure. Though you may get permanent straight hair, your hair gets extremely damaged in this method and restoring damaged hair is almost always complicated.

Curly hair can be quite unmanageable at times. There will be times you may find it really impossible to style your messy curls. It is at this moment, that you would start yearning for straight hair. With different methods of straightening in vogue, attain the sleek straight look you have been craving for! Choose a healthy method, and be the next celebrity whose hair others would dream of. Just make sure that you do not let your hair be after the straightening—make sure you do regular oil massages and spa treatments to help your hair recover from the damage.