How To Tie Hair In A Bun

How to Tie Hair In a Bun

From times immemorial, women have been tying their hair into buns. It’s a convenient way of keeping your hair in place. Over time, variations in the bun have developed but the basic way of tying it remains the same. Primarily used for convenience, it has consequently found its way into formal functions, as a preferred hairstyle by women across most countries. In fact, there was a time when Chinese women used to wear their buns about a foot above their head, the kind showstoppers flaunt today. The fun part is that buns have evolved into categories and there are buns for both formal and informal occasions. Of course you love buns, and relate them to the lovely hairdos that yesteryears actresses carried with style. But if you like a little more zest than that oh-so-simple bun then you should take a look at the variations given below. Read on for different ways to style your bun.

Hair Bun Hairstyles

Simple Bun
A bun is the best alternative to ponytails, and other styles if you want to do something classy. The simple way to tie a bun is to sweep all your hair straight back and tie it into a ponytail. Then, holding the ponytail at the base, use your other hand to twist part of the hair into a ball. Use a pencil or some such object, and from the bottom of a loose strand while holding the bun, do a complete circular turn with the pencil, so that the hair encircles the bun. Having done this, take a strand of hair from the top portion and tie it around the bun, and then fasten it. When you shake your head, you should be able to assess whether the hairdo is holding up nicely. If it comes loose then you need to redo it.

Alternate Bun
Another way to tie a bun would be to dampen your hair and to comb it back. Pull your hair straight back making it taut and tie it into a ponytail. Using the end of your ponytail, wrap your hair around the base in a clockwise direction into a bun by using hair pins to hold it in place. The pins should be fixed from different sides, each pointing towards the centre of the bun. This technique is used to hold the hair firmly in place and, if done properly, it also ensures that the hair does not slip and come loose.

Upside Down Bun
Buns are a way of keeping hair from falling all over your face and have developed into different styles; the upside down bun is one such style. For this hairdo, you start by making an upside down ponytail. To do this, simply tie a low ponytail and part it into two sections and pull the ponytail straight up. Now begin twisting the hair around your fingers. Then bring the twisted hair down and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. Keep pulling it at every stage so that you finish making it a tight wrap around the bun. Use one or two hair pins to keep the bun in place.

Messy Style Updo
Start by brushing your hair as straight as possible. If the hair is a bit wavy, do not worry too much about it. Though this style works best with straight hair, a slight amount of waviness will not undermine the look. After smoothing your hair backwards into a ponytail, fix it tightly with an elastic band. Then, pull the elastic band away from your head and loop the end of your ponytail into the bun, allowing it to look a bit messy. This can also be achieved by letting any short strands fall loose. Next, slide your fingertips under your hair and slide it upwards to make the hair look a bit messy. The idea is to not have your hair looking perfectly in place. The hairstyle is now complete. To lock your hair in place you can use a hair spray. Nothing better than this to look adorably messy, in slightly rumpled clothes, to complement the effect!

For someone looking for a mature and dignified look for a formal or semi-formal occasion, the simple bun is quite the deal maker. But that is not all! Even if you are looking for a semi-casual or casual look, you can sport a bun and give it that funky look by pulling out a few strands from near your temples. The point is that whatever be the occasion, you can almost always rely on these buns to give you a look worth remembering.