How To Trim Hair

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How To Trim Hair

Who wants their lovely tresses to be laced with fried and dried ends? Pollution, sun, air-conditioner, blow dryers and flat irons can dry your hair, giving them a very limp, disheveled look. Trimming your hair doesn’t mean getting rid of a whole lock of hair, it’s just about snipping off the dead ends to give the hair a new and fresh look. You don’t always have to get a new haircut to feel anew, a perfect trim where your fingers can glide through the hair easily without being stuck can just do the trick. It is necessary to trim the ends once in every four weeks. Now if you are a bit frugal and want to save on those parlor visits, learning how to snip your hair all by yourself could be of some help. Some guidelines on trimming hair should do fine for the starters.

Trimming Your Hair
If you have finally decided to take the plunge and let go of the extra worn-out inches of your hair, then these pointers should help you get the perfect trim. You can use these fine-points to help trim your own hair and someone else’s too.

When You Need A Trim
Know that you need a trim when you spot some split ends on your mane. Split ends indicate unhealthy hair and a trim is essential to get rid of the hair, which is split into two, three or sometimes more strands. Blame it on blow dryers, hot flat irons and even hair colors, several external conditions contribute to make hair-strands look porous and lose their elasticity. Hair end up breaking off easily and become quite crunchy too. So in order to get rid of these unhealthy signs, you should start with a trim. Also, if you want your hairstyle to look fresh again, and want to get rid of the gravity effect of hair hanging down because of their weight, then it’s time for a trim!

Before You Start Trimming

Proper Lighting – It’s very important to be in a well lit place. A dark and gloomy lighting might mean you end up snipping more than required. Therefore, a place with adequate light is essential. If you have dark hair and the place is brightly lit, it becomes easy to figure out the places that need a trim.

Mirror-Mirror On The Wall – With a back to back mirror, you can see the front of your hair as well as the back. And, with the double mirror, the light is also reflected in more directions and it is brighter that way.

Snappy Scissors – A perfect pair of scissors is very important. Invest in a good pair of professional scissors to trim your hair, but never resort to the blunt pair in your drawer, which you use for art classes! A blunt pair of scissors adds to the damage by introducing more split ends in the hair.

Wet and Untangle – Dampening the hair makes them easier to cut. You can use a spray bottle and spritz the hair. Then detangle the hair and comb them straight down. With straight and wet hair, it is easier to cut the hair without going all crooked!

Techniques Of Trimming

Ponytail Method – The ponytail method requires you to tie your hair up in a ponytail and fasten it tightly. Then bend your head down and snip the amount of hair you want to. If you tie a high ponytail, you will end up with nice subtle layers. However, a lower ponytail you will give you a basic trim.

Scrunch Method – With the scrunch method, you just have to tie your hair loosely with a scrunch at the ends. The scrunch acts as a guide and you have to adjust the desired length you want to chop off. It is one of the easiest ways to trim the hair.
Dividing In Sections – Dividing the hair in sections and trimming it step by step in a meticulous way can also be done. You have to start by dividing the hair in sections and separating each layer with the help of clips. Measure with your finger how much you want to trim and cut down the length that falls below the finger. Do this for every section of the hair.

Tips To Remember While Trimming

    • Only trim off a little of your hair. If you have initially decided to trim around an inch of your hair, start by snipping off a quarter of it first. You can always get back to trimming more if you want to.
    • Even if you do not feel that the edges of your hair are damaged, go about trimming it. Trim that quarter inch every month or two and don’t wait for damaged edges or split ends to appear before you trim.

Hair trims are an essential part of hair care. So, if you feel you are a victim of split ends, damaged ends and unshapely hair, then you know what to do. Just very carefully you have to let go off the ends that are of no use. It might seem like a big price to pay, but you are not loosing anything by trimming your hair. Rather, you are gaining a healthy three inches by the end of the year. So don’t be stingy with your hair and trim them frequently to get smoother and healthier looking tresses.