How To Trim Split Ends

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How To Trim Split Ends

Split ends are one of the biggest hair-woes. As the name suggests, split ends occur when a strand of hair is unduly split into two, three or maybe many more parts. Exposing your hair to excessive heat or cold and brash conditions like chlorinated water or vigorous brushing can damage the hair and cause it to split. As the ends of the hair are the oldest parts, they tend to get damaged easily. Therefore, taking care of them by nourishing and trimming them regularly is very important. If you don’t want to pay regular visits to the parlor to just get rid of your split ends, then there are some tips you can follow to snip them of at home. Now there is no need to tie your hair in a bun to hide the shabby locks, or burn your split ends like the way women in the seventies used to do it. Just a few steps and your hair will look as good as new.

Trimming Split Ends
Split ends can be fixed by using serums to flatten the hair. You can use hairsprays or setting lotions to seal the hair and shower conditioners can be used to glue the hair together. However, this is just a temporary way to fix the hair and these chemicals can damage your hair all the more. So, opting for regular trims to get rid of the splits is the only definite way of fixing them.

You Will Need

It is preferable you use a back-to-back mirror, as you will be able to see the back of your hair as well. And the light is reflected around to give brighter surroundings.

Sharp Scissors Or Nail Clipper
A pair of sharp scissors should be used for the purpose. Using a blunt scissor to trim your mane would only worsen the split ends. A professional scissor is a good investment as the split ends might keep on returning! And if the splits are small, then a nail clipper should do justice.

Proper Lighting
Proper lighting is essential to spot the splits. It’s enough that you are losing inches of your hair, you wouldn’t want to lose the healthier hair too! So choose a well-lit place where you don’t really have to strain your eyes to spot the splits.

Techniques Of Trimming Split Ends
There are different ways of trimming the splits. So, depending on the texture of your hair and whatever suits you best, go about choosing the best technique.

Twisting And Trimming
Wet the hair completely. It should be just wet enough and not completely drenched. Then divide the hair into several small sections. Once you have done that, twist each section and trim the ends at an angle. This way, when the hair is wet and you twist the hair, you will only be trimming the splits, which seem to be separated from the healthier hair.

Straightening And Trimming
This method of trimming the split ends requires the use of heat and it works best for people with curly hair. Use a flat iron to straighten your hair really well. Make sure you use a hair protectant spray or even coconut oil while straightening as one of the main reasons why one gets split ends is because of the heat. When the hair is straightened, the split ends tend to stick out. So at an angle, just clip the splits using a pair of really sharp scissors or a nail clipper.

Plaiting And Trimming
When you plait the hair, if the thickness of the top of the plait is approximately equal to the thickness of the end, then the hair is in good condition. However, if the plait is tapered, then the ends are damaged and have splits, and this narrow ends needs to be chopped off.

Trimming Every Curl
For those with noodle like curly hair, it’s best to trim every curl for best effects. Wet the hair and shake out the excess water from the curls to separate them. Snip the ends of the curls and try to cover all sections of the hair. If you are too lazy to do it, ask help from a friend.

Tips For Trimming The Split Ends

    • Don’t be too stingy while trimming the splits. Trim in a way so that you let go off the entire split and the hair ends at the healthier part. Otherwise, the hair will keep splitting further. Hair does grow back, so don’t be too afraid to snip.
    • If you are trimming your hair completely on your own, then avoid doing it when there are too many distractions around. From just trimming the split ends, you might end up having a new hairdo instead!

These were some tips and techniques of trimming split ends. It’s very important that you realize not to use too many products associated with heat like irons and rollers. You should also keep your hair protected from the sun. Once the split ends start, it’s time for you to shed some hair. So care for your hair well. Trimming the split ends is a practice that every person, may it be supermodels or homemakers indulge into. So, whether you do it yourself at home or take a round to the parlor, maintain your hair well and don’t let them become a hay stack!