How To Use Hair Clippers

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How To Use Hair Clippers

Before the invention of electric hair clipper during the 1920s, manual hair clippers were widely used. Today, however, the more suave and handy electric hair clippers have replaced the manual hair clippers. Even though many people avoid using electric hair clippers out of fear, know that it can be used to perfection with a little caution. However, it is necessary to have a basic idea about how to use hair clippers before you try them on your hair. Using a hair clipper can save you money. However, if you have no idea on how to properly use one, you will end up doing yourself more harm than good. There are a few things you can do beforehand to ensure safe use of a hair clipper and get the most out of your hair cutting experience. All you have to do is to take the precautionary steps before getting started to avoid any problem with the clipper and possibly with your hair. Men who are weary of paying for expensive haircuts from stylists often opt for hair clippers instead, as do women who prefer short hairstyles. Using clippers is very easy and fast. You can quite easily cut your own hair at any convenient place, avoiding the annoyance of small hairs that prickle under your collars or shirts.

How To Cut Hair With Clippers

    • Clean the blades of the clippers before getting started. Brush off the stray hairs before use.
    • Clean the clippers, disinfect them with alcohol first and then apply a thin film of oil. Turn on the blade and let it run for a few seconds so that the oil reaches on all the pores of the blade. It ensures a better performance of the clipper and minimizes the damage to the blade. Taking the proper care of your clippers is important to avail the maximum benefits.
    • Hold the clipper with the blades down and slide along in the opposite direction of your hair’s growth, so that you can catch more hair with the guard. Typically, this is from the bottom of the head or neck toward the top.
    • Take care not to go too fast so that you don’t tug on the hair or hit your scalp. By going slowly, you not only ensure that you are getting a comfortable cut, but a smooth and an even one as well. Your goal is to cut all the hair in one pass.
    • Decide the amount of hair you want to cut off. Most hair clippers come with spacers. The spacers are there to maintain an even distance between the blade and your head. For example, if you run the clipper over your hair with a one-inch spacer attached, hairs on your entire head will be one inch in length. Clippers are usually helpful when you have little time. Every hair clipper comes with a number of attachments that allow you to cut your hair to different lengths. Many people choose to cut the sides of their hair shorter than the top.
    • Dry your hair before you start cutting. It is suggested not to cut wet hair with clippers as it might cause the blades to rust.
    • Ask someone else to cut your hair before you do it yourself. If you ask someone else to do it, it will be a lot faster than if you were to do it yourself. Use a comb when you are cutting your hair with clippers. If you are not using the spacer and cutting all of your hair to the same length, then also use a comb. The comb will give you an idea on exactly how long your hair is. It will also provide a guard between your head and the clippers when you start to cut. Cut across the length of the comb. You can also comb the hair that was just cut to see if you missed any long pieces.
    • Run the clipper on the closest setting and clean up the areas around your ears, neck and back. Put some baby powder or apply some lotion on your neck to save yourself from the burning sensation of a razor. Once you are done, add more oil to the blades, to keep them running for long.
    • If it is not possible to shower immediately after getting a haircut, try to find a slick material to tie around your shoulders and pull tight against your neck while cutting your hair. A slick fabric allows the hairs to fall off onto the floor instead of sticking to shirts, pants or chair fabrics. A hairdryer is good for blowing short hairs off the neck after a clipper cut. Applying baby powder to the neck keeps the hairs from sticking to the skin, making them easier to remove.


    • When cutting very fine hair, don’t try to make passes that are the width of the clippers. Instead, use only the center of the blades for a narrower pass.
    • Don’t try to do it too fast. Take your time for a safe and smooth haircut.

There is nothing to be afraid about using clippers. Clippers are easy and efficient. All you have to do is to take some precautionary measures before using one. One more thing that must be taken care of is the health of your clippers. If the clippers are dull, they can be extremely difficult to handle. So, take good care of them, keep them oiled and dry and get a desired haircut every time you use them.