How To Use Hair Sticks

how to use hair sticks

There is no denying that beautiful, stylish hair accessories can transform your tresses from average to ravishing in a jiffy. Women across the globe have tastefully styled their hair using stylish accessories. While accessories like barrettes, snap clips and hair claws have dominated the fashion scene, hair sticks have been in vogue quite off and on. It is a common misconception that wearing hair sticks necessitates long and lush tresses. Nevertheless, hair sticks can be worn by anyone, irrespective of the length or texture of the hair. There are myriad of options available as regards to the colors and decorations. Even though they have been used for decades, yet very few women have idea of how to use them. The use of hair sticks isn’t a big job, and can easily be mastered with very little practice. Now, if you are wondering how to use hair sticks, the tips provided in the article below will surely prove to be handy.

The Basics

    • Firstly, comb your hair well and get rid of the knots. Gather your hair and form a ponytail, securing it with a cloth-covered elastic band. If you fancy a low set bun, then part your hair to the side and put the ponytail at the scruff. On the other hand, if you intend to get a smooth, sporty bun, then you have to place the ponytail higher up.
    • Then slide the hair stick through the hair in between the elastic band and the scalp. Keep in mind that the pointed head of the stick must lie at the lower-left side where as, the thicker end should be placed at the upper-right side.
    • If so happens that your hair starts popping out of the pony tail, lift it up from behind the lower-left point of the hair stick. Roll it up around the ponytail, running behind the upper-right point of the hair stick. Keep rolling it up it in-between the two points.
    • After you finish winding around the entire length of your hair with the help of bobby pins or small clips, fasten the ends at the base of the bun. To get a more flamboyant look, you can also leave the end hanging outside.
    • If in case you wish to insert a second hair stick, ensure that you place it either parallel or perpendicular with respect to the first one. Lo! You already have a gorgeous hairstyle, delicately embellished with hair sticks.

Tips For Using Hair Sticks

    • May it be a bun or a braid, make sure the hair is properly secured before you use the sticks. It is extremely important as when you start inserting the stick, the bun or braid might just get loosen up a bit.
    • Make sure to place the stick properly, in order to ensure its functional need and at the same time, fostering the visual aspect.
    • Grab the stick where it is wider. You must take care not to use the top of the stick as a lever, otherwise you might end up losing the embedded ornaments used for its embellishment.
    • Make sure that you insert the stick in such a way that the tip and the end lie diagonally to each other. Also, see that the end of the stick emerges out at least by a fingertip in length.
    • Absolute dry hair is very difficult to handle. If you are confronting the same difficulty, it is better to work your way when your hair is still towel-dry.
    • Your sense of touch is the only reliable factor that would tell you whether the stick has been properly inserted or not. Only you can check for the firmness of the hairstyle.
    • There is a very thin chance that you would get the hair stick right on the very first attempt itself. Deal with patience as practice will make it better.
    • Caress the hair stick through your hair. Avoid putting too much pressure as you might end up breaking the hair stick or even worse, pulling off your hair.
    • Fetch sharp and pointy hair sticks to avoid breaking your hair. However, blunt wooden hair-sticks can be sharpened with the help of a pencil sharpener or sandpaper. It is essential to use smooth hair sticks to prevent hair damage.
    • At times, you might just poke or gouge yourself with hair sticks. Take utmost care as you slide the hair stick through your hair so as not to hurt yourself.

Hair sticks can certainly fancy up the way you look. However, using them can sometimes be tricky. All you have to do is go through the tips written above in the article and deal with some patience even if your first few attempts are not very fruitful. With a little practice, you can easily master the technique.