How To Wear A Ponytail

how to wear a pony tail

Be it rain or shine, a bad hair day or a last-minute hair-fix, ponytail is one style that never disappoints. Classy, sporty and chic, a ponytail is perhaps the easiest hairdo in the world, and inarguably the sassiest too. A huge fad on the runways and the red carpets, this one humble hairstyle looks good on both a chic fashionista as well as a teen schoolgirl. Initially invented to save a bad hair day, it has made a statement of its own and carved a way for itself in the hairstyling industry. Most universal of all hairstyles, its grace and simplicity cross the gender borders and is worn by both men and woman, young and old with panache. With a little bit of practice and time, you can be an expert in styling your locks, in the pony-way! However, just because this style is easy to attain does not mean that it is dull. Ponytails are no longer depicted as mundane, but are stylish enough to suit any occasion and hair type. From a neatly pulled-back ponytail to a ponytail with height at the crown, learn how to create a look that makes you gorgeous.

Tips To Wear A Ponytail

    • Collect all your hair in your left hand (if your dominant hand is left, then use your right hand and reverse the instructions). Then, hold the hair at the base, that is, the position that is closer to the scalp where you want to fasten it. It is your choice whether to use a hairbrush or hands to comb the hair. If you intend to have a high ponytail, you can bend over and leave the hair to simply hang down.
    • Using a hairbrush, you can smooth your hair from the hairline to the base until it looks tidy. You may require a hairspray or water to spray the hair to make it neat. This process is not mandatory, as if you are in a hurry, you will mess it up altogether.
    • Open the hand, which is holding the ponytail to allow the brush to go through.
    • On the right hand, stretch the hair band or tie over your thumb, index and middle fingers. You can hold the ponytail with these fingers and leave as it is with the left hand.
    • Clasp the left index finger over the band and drag it over the ponytail. Keep the band fixed and pull the rest of the ponytail through the band using the right hand.
    • Weave the hair band using the left hand and fit three fingers through the ring, which you made. Then, you can repeat the previous two steps; you can pull the ponytail using the index finger of the opposite hand and pull the remaining ponytail.
    • Repeat the same process until there is no remaining part of the band, which is wrapped around the ponytail.
    • If you require a looser ponytail, you can leave as it is. If you want a ponytail which is tighter, take it and divide it into two sections. Then, you can pull the two sections away from each other, bringing the band closer to the scalp.

Experiment With Varied Styles

    • Collect the tresses that start above the ears to form a half-ponytail or topknot. Topknot means ponytail, which is positioned at the upper crown area or at the crest of the head. Earlier, the style was to keep the hair away from the face though it became a creative styling, later.
    • Collect the hair from the top portion and secure it on the head with a tie. Gather a few more hair and combine it with the hair, which is already banded and secured with another hair tie. Gather the rest of the tresses and form a ponytail. This is called French ponytail.
    • A side-swept ponytail can be made by brushing the whole hair meticulously and grouping it behind one ear. You can secure it using elastic. Apply hairspray lightly to maintain the disorderly hair. To give a finishing touch, cover the elastic with a ribbon or add a decorated band.
    • You can make a twist tie ponytail by parting the hair down the centre and dividing it into separate front sections. Twist and pull the two sections to the back of your head and secure with bobby pins. Group the rest of hair into a low pony or bun and secure it in place.
    • Half-and-half ponytail can be made by parting the hair from ear to ear to form a top and bottom section. You can secure the top section with elastic. Gently tease the hair at the crown for added volume using a fine toothcomb. You can loosely twist sections to create a soft wave, or leave as it is to get a dramatic look. To give a finishing touch, cover a ribbon or a strip of fabric around hair and fasten it with a bobby pin.
    • In order to make the sleek ponytail, blow-dry the hair. Then, brush the tresses back to form a ponytail and secure it with elastic. If there are any flying hairs, you can tame it by applying a hairspray on the hairline. To get an added polish, you can run a shine serum through the ponytail.
    • Hair-wrapped-around-the-elastic-trick ponytail provides a classy look. To make this, you have to pull hair back into a ponytail. You can draw a thin pencil-thick piece from the bottom portion of pony and wrap the hair around elastic. Leave two inches to pull down through the elastic and secure it with a couple of bobby pins.

A popular hairstyle that has been worn for years, ponytail is one style that is simple to wear and looks extremely chic. Initially, ponytails were taken on by girls and women who lack plenty of time to explore other complex hairstyles. They were so simple that you just have to comb your hair away from face and tie all with a ribbon or a band. However, nowadays, ponytails have become complex and fashionable. Still, there is no denying that ponytail is one hairstyle that makes you look fresh and feel light.