Medium Layered Hairstyles

Medium Layered Hairstyles

A medium layered hairstyle can give that perfect look you have been searching for all along. Not only will it make for a versatile look but will also ease off the tension regarding its maintenance. What’s more, you can choose from a range of styles by keeping medium length hair. You can also choose how many layers and what type them you want. To throw a little light on it: a medium length cut covers the area from the jaw line to the neck. So, if you have round face, then chin length medium length hair will throw focus on your bone structure, making your face appear fuller. On the other hand, if you have a long or squared face then you can add softness to the area by keeping a neck sized or till jaw line cut; and can even add to the effect by keeping hair a little longer with soft layers. Read further to know about different kinds of medium layered hairstyles that you can keep.

Medium Layered Haircuts

Razor Layers
Razor layers are best suited for those who have straight fine hair or thick hair. Using a razor to chop layers can give the proper texture and support needed for fine hair. It will also give an edgy and funky look to the way you do the thinning and depending on how many layers you keep. For thick hair, it can provide more bounce. But keep in mind that the razor cut will not go on for those having curly or coarse hair.

Bangs And Layers
A great way to grab the attention to your face, especially on cheekbones, is by cutting your hair in such a way, so as to create bangs. Just ask the hairstylist to cut long bangs that reach your cheekbone or just a little down of your eye. Short layers like these will give a fabulous look to people of all types of hair (surly, coarse, fine, and thick); whereas, keeping hair in medium length will allow you to play with different styles of bangs and layers.

Layered Bobs
One of the classic cuts is the bob layered cut which, if using the right tools and techniques, works with all hair types. Adding curls will bring more softness to your face, while a straight bob can be bold or cute. It’s up to your style quotient that whether you want to keep a short bob or little longer one. Add a layer to give more texture to your hair and while a side part will soften the angles of your face, the middle part on the other hand will frame your face.

The Lob
One of the trendiest styles lately, the lob is the longer version of the bob cut. It reaches till the shoulders and looks fabulous with straight few layers framing the face. Even when it grows out, the lob continues to hold attention, looking stunning as ever. Another of its plus point is its versatility; you can pin it back like a loose updo. Add a little shine to it by using a hair spray and it will look just awesome.

Chignon, derived from a French phrase ‘chignon du cou’ which means ‘nape of the neck’, is a popular hairstyle for special occasions. To do a chignon, make your hair in a ponytail and split it into two sections. Now take each ponytail and coil it around the base, securing it with bobby pins and giving it an elegant look. Shine it with a hair shiner or do a shampoo and conditioner (latter preferred), then blow dry it, giving it a smooth texture.

Half -Up Hairdo
Half–up and half–down is an incredibly sexy hairstyle. An attention grabber is what you can call it. Add curls to it to do a perfect half–up. It’s easy for those who have a natural curly hair and a bit of a task for the others. Raise the hair lightly to gain volume at the top half of your hair and secure it with a barrette at the back of your head. Now the pinned up hair or loose hair can be styled in a number of combinations and variations. Perfect for all the occasions!

Low Ponytail
Simple yet brilliant for a special event or in a professional environment, a low pony tie works really well. They are as easy to do as they are easy to maintain. Just apply some cream for a glossier and smoother look and then tie the ponytail at the back of your neck with hair elastic.

Select from the numerous styles explained above and give yourself a sassy look. You can always change back to your old style as a medium layered hairstyle gives you a lot of flexibility.