Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium Length Hairstyles

While choosing a style from among the medium length hairstyles, you should first consider both its advantages and disadvantages. The primary advantage associated with medium length hairstyles is that you can adapt a style suited for long hair as well as one that is suited for shorter hair too. It also has the added advantage of super easy maintenance. Since medium hairstyles find themselves particularly inclined to layered cut hairstyles, they help highlight your facial features well. The biggest advantage, of course, is that medium length hairstyles allow you to adopt a formal as well as casual appearance with your choice of hairstyle. Though considered a tad bit more difficult to manage compared to short hairstyles, medium length haircuts are adaptable to a whole range of different styles. Getting a classic look would be difficult with medium hair, as you would have done with your long hair but the semi-modern and slightly classic look is worth more. If you are sold out on medium haircuts then read on for styles which might suit you.

Medium Length Haircuts

Casual Medium Straight

This is a style which allows the hair to fall loose and free around your face. It can be sported to work or to a relaxed fun day at home. Shoulder length hair is ideal for this style. It can be cut in even lengths, layered or finished with razor cuts. The even length cut requires very little styling as it is falls into place on its own. You can do it yourself at home, saving time and money. In the other two variations, more styling is required and you would have to consult your hairdresser for an opinion. If you want the hair away from your face, it can be pulled back and fastened at the side or back. This would give you a sleek appearance, and it can be worn if you desire a formal look.

Casual Medium Curly
This is a casual style for medium length, naturally curly or permed hair. This style will give you a soft and carefree look.

    • The hair can be cut to an even length which will give it a thick and heavy look.
    • The hair can also be layered to give it more body and a natural bounce.
    • If you want a trendier look, you can cut it in messy but uniform layers.

Styling medium curly hair is easy as both the cut and your natural curls give shape to the style. The use of some liquid gels or curling products will ensure that the curls stay in place. This style will highlight your facial features well. You can tie back your hair to the nape of your neck if you want a more formal look.

Casual Medium Wavy
The casual medium wavy style gives you a soft, easy going look. Similar to the medium curly style, the hairstyle also features hair cut at one even length for a thick and heavy look or layered to add more body and bounce. A messy layered cut also suits wavy hair. If the hair is naturally wavy, it requires very little styling as the cut itself creates the style and the hair fall into place. If you want to create waves, you will need to use curling devices or heat appliances. This requires more time and effort. You will also need to use some gels or styling products to hold the waves. You could also try other techniques like finger drying, ruffling or scrunch drying.

Medium Updo
The medium updo is ideal for formal occasions. It makes you look stylish and is sported by many celebrities at functions. Though it takes time and effort to create the style, the final look is well worth it.

    • Your hair needs to be damp, and you have to apply texturising mousse.
    • Use your fingers to scrunch your hair to give it more body and texture.
    • Blow-dry your hair and create curls using a round brush.
    • Apply some definition paste and separate the curls.
    • Finger comb your hair to give it a slightly ruffled look.
    • Gather up the hair and twist it into a bun at the nape of the neck or a little higher, as you desire.
    • Fix the bun with pins, but leave a few strands loose, so that they fall around your face.
    • Make sure you finish off with some hair spray, so that the style stays in place.

Medium length hairstyles are preferred more than other styles nowadays as they make it very convenient to manage hair. You can create the type of look you want by opting for a good style. Choice of an appropriate style must be based on what you want and what is more suitable for you.