Mens Professional Hairstyles & Haircuts

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Mens Professional Hairstyles & Haircuts

You hairstyle is a direct reflection of your lifestyle. Hence, it’s important to get it right. Hair grooming is one of the important aspects of overall professional look. The rules are simple enough — the hair should always be clean and styled in a manner such that they complements the professional image and suit the person’s wardrobe. Hair should not extend below the top of the collar as well as the sideburns should be just about the length of the earlobe. Extreme styles and colors are usually not encouraged. Men should take care that their bangs are cut above the eyebrow and not fall on the face or have the need to be pushed back while working. Remember, your hairstyle can make or mar your look and overall impression. However, just because there are guidelines for office grooming does not mean you cannot style your hair. Check out some stylish professional looking hairstyles that you can wear to work.

Men Professional Hairstyles & Haircuts

Business Man Cut
This hairstyle suits perfectly for business and sales professionals who have to wear formals suits to work every day. This style will give you a conservative style, short length hair that is appropriate for the business environment. The cut is tapered near the ear and the nape of the neck. The hair on top is little lengthy, which can be side-swept or brushed back from the forehead.

Caesar Cut
This hairstyle will suit mature men and is very popular among office going men. The hairstyle is short styled yet glamorous, put in vogue by Hollywood starts like George Clooney and Russell Crowe. If you have grey hair, you can style it the Caesar way with the ‘salt & pepper’ look.

Crew Cut
There are various variations to this hairstyle like short pomp, butch style, burr hair, buzz cut, and brush cut. Crew cut has very short hair on the sides and at the nape of the neck, but the hair in front is gradually increased in length from the front of the hairline to the crown of the head. The top hair usually forms a slight curve from one side to the other, to follow the contour of the head. The butch style is a shorter version of the crew cut, with only ¼ inch of hair on top and neatly tapered cuts all around. In the burr hairstyle, the length of the hair on the entire head is kept at 1/8 inch or shorter. This has now become the new military recruits’ haircut. The hair is styled the same way as the crew cut in the brush cut style, only the hair is combed up to resemble the bristles of a brush. The buzz cut is a low or no maintenance hairstyle that is created using clippers.

Ivy League
Perfect for thinning hair, the Ivy League cut or the Princeton style is a very clean-cut style that enhances the facial structures. It was made popular by the men of the “Ivy League” universities. The hair on the sides is cut shorter than the top and crown part. The hair in front and top are an inch to an inch and half in length, which allows them to be combed and brushed neatly.

This classic tapered style is long at the top and front, but gradually tapers down to the back of the ear up till the nape of the neck. Also, referred to as a short businessman’s cut or classic taper. The hair is left long enough to comb on top and gradually tapers down very close around the ears and the neck. This traditional hairstyle for men is especially suited for professionals.

This is the modified version of the tapered style in which the hair is done in an aggressively tight taper. Stylists use clippers to trim the hair at the sides and back very close to the skin to ‘fade’ at the top of the head. The ‘Temple Fade’ also called as the ‘Brooklyn Fade’,’Low Fade’, or ‘Blow Out’, is a type of fade with a very low bald fade. It is done very close to the temple with a sharp dip at the back. ‘White Wall’ is the fade where the scalp is exposed at the sides and back, and gets its name from the white skin that is exposed at the scalp and the sides.

There are many varieties of professional hairstyles available for men who love their fuzz. Just pick a style that matches your personality as well as conforms to the business standards of your office. People in the creative fields like journalism, advertising, music and arts can show off their creativity with extreme hairstyles, as they do not require looking like buttoned up professionals.