Micro Braid Hairstyles

Micro Braid Hairstyles

One of the cool trends in hairstyles is micro braiding, whereby very tiny braids are made in different sections of the hair. It needs a whole day to complete the process as it covers the whole head, but when out, there is nothing like it. And with many variations possible with this style, it is actually a delight to those who like to experiment with different braided hairstyles. This style best suits those who have medium to long hair, although medium hair is preferable as it involves a lesser risk of damage. However, you can also add natural or artificial hair if you have short or very fine hair. Involving less maintenance but proper caring, micro braiding can be get done from a hairstylist and remains set for around three months. After every three months though, you should remove the braids and allow the hair to recover from the stress. Because if you keep them any longer, it can cause the hair to become thin and break apart. A great look all around, whether in a fashionable occasion or out on your daily life. Now read the segment below to know about the various micro braid bairstyles that you can adopt.

Micro Braiding Styles 

It is one of the more popular styles of micro braiding. In this, the braids are created with the French braid technique where the hair is repeatedly drawn into the braid while it is being created. Cornrows lie flat on the head and can be easily shaped into the desired style. It is also possible that part of the hair is styled with cornrows and rest with the regular micro braids. 

Micro Twists
In this style, two strands are tied instead of the common three. And the two strands are then twisted in a clockwise direction to make it look different. If desirable, you can try the uncommon method like tying the strands of different numbers and also the different styles of weaving.  

Another way of micro braid styling is by keeping a ponytail. Tie the hair together into one side and then tie elastic to make a low ponytail. You can also tie in the traditional manner by gathering the strands to the top back of your head and tying with a headband. Don’t pull the strands too tight to avoid damage. 

Micro braids can also be curled like the normal hair. All you have to do is to make the hair a little wet (not too wet) and then divide them into different small sections. Now roll the hair on rollers like you would do with the loose hair and see the beautiful curly braids enriching your overall look. 

To give your hair a professional look, make your hair in the traditional bun style. Tie the braids up in with a pony tail and secure it with an elastic band. Now gently twist the ponytail and wind around it to make a Bun. Keep them together with pins. The style looks and feels best during hot summer months. 

Partial Updo
You can do the partial updo with the bangs or without it. First, section off the bangs, which you want to keep down and then the braids you want to leave free flowing. Now tie the remaining hair as a ponytail or bun at the centre of your head with an elastic band or a claw clip. 

Instructions For Micro Braiding 


    • Before getting the braid, make sure that your hair is in proper condition.
    • The hair should be well moisturized when you go to get it done. This will help in the process and the end result.
    • Get a hot oil treatment so as to keep the hair healthy and moisturized.
    • Trim the ends of the hair to get rid of split ends.
    • Apply shampoo and conditioner thoroughly immediately before getting micro braids. 


    • Ask the hairstylist in case you have any doubts and make sure you fully understand how to maintain your hair when micro braided and after removing them.
    • During the process, make sure that your hair is not braided too tight, if it is then ask the braider to loosen them.
    • After getting the micro braids done, moisturize them daily with oil.
    • Wash the hair at least once a week and apply conditioner a little longer than normal so remove the stress on your scalp and head.
    • Tie the hair ponytail at night and wrap a scarf around your head to keep the braids in proper condition.
    • If your braids are coming down then make sure that you visit the hairstylist to keep them in good condition.


    • Remove the micro braids or have them removed by a professional. Be gentle during the removal as the hair might be fragile.
    • Protein-treat your hair to strengthen it after the braiding.
    • Use a deep conditioner and moisturizer immediately after removing the braids as the hair is too dry after the removal.

Change the way you look; do what the trend is and show your beauty to the world by doing something different such as adopting a micro braid hairstyle.