Sexy Hairstyle For Women

sexy hairstyle for women

Hairstyles are a good way to communicate and express a woman’s personality and individuality. Part of non-verbal communication, a hairstyle can speak volumes about a lady. As a woman, you can speak out your personality through your hairstyle. Some of your favourite celebrities might sport fabulous hairdos that can make any woman envious. But, remember that these hairstyles are not the copyrights of few celebrities. With some easy styling tips and suitable haircut, an ordinary woman can also get that gorgeous look. When it comes to hairstyles, the choice depends on preferences and tastes also. There are some women who prefer shorter hairstyles because they are easy to manage while working. And then there are other women who prefer long locks; it is simply the matter of taste and self expression. Whether short or long, it definitely takes some efforts to maintain a hairstyle. The right kind of hairstyle is the one that emphasizes on your best facial features and makes you look younger. For instance, if you have a round face, a layered bob haircut will make your face appear longer and on the other hand, if you have a long face, a short, blunt cut or a chin-length hairstyle will give the illusion of a rounder face. Learn more about the different sexy hairstyles that will leave people speechless.

Sexy Haircuts For Women

Emo Haircut
Emulated mostly by the youth, an emo hairstyle is identified by the distinctive black hair, with asymmetric highlights of bright coloured hair streaks. You can colour the hair streaks with different colours too, but most of the people wearing an emo prefer to dye the hair black. Inspired by a musical genre of the same name, this hairstyle exhibits one’s individuality and self-expression. If you want a unique hairstyle without following the rest of the flock, then this hairstyle is for you. While going for an emo cut, do remember to be as creative as possible, so that you come out happy and satisfied from the saloon.

The hairstyle was a rage in the 1920s, when it made its debut. This classic hairstyle has never gone out of fashion. Apart from the traditional bob haircut, you could try out two more variants that are worth a try; these are the inverted bob and the cropped bob hairstyles. Some of the celebrities like, Christina Aguilera, Keira Knightley, and Rihanna have worn this cut and appeared absolutely stunning.

Spikes for women! Yes, not only men, but women are also going on with spikes. Try on the multi-layered spikes to get an exciting and funky look. This hairstyle is the newest craze in town, with number of celebs trying out the new look. It looks awesome on short hair. To get a funky and sexy looking spikes try to apply some hairspray or gel.

Blunt Bangs
Inspired by the sixties and the seventies, this hairstyle works well with women having straight hair. However, having natural curly or wavy hair is not a deterrent to give it a try. People with curly hair can also go for this hairstyle, but everyday you need to put in some efforts to straighten your hair. Ladies with larger forehead can go for this hairstyle.

Long Silky Tresses
This hairstyle looks ravishing on ladies with long silky tress that gracefully hang over their shoulders. Having medium to long hair is just perfect for the appearance. Your looks will be embellished naturally in this haircut, if you have silky straight hair. Moreover, the sleek layers, razor cuts, and long tresses will feature best with such natural attributes. It is advisable not to go for this haircut if you have curly or wavy hair.

This lively looking hairstyle was made popular by the British model Twiggy during 1960’s. The hairstyle is currently in vogue now. But, it is not meant for everyone. This hairstyle is suitable for women with fine feminine features and excellent bone structure. Lately, the Pixie hairstyle was worn by actresses like Michelle Williams, Emma Watson and Mia Wasikowska.

Multi Layered Hairstyle
Women with medium hair length are often at the end of their wits as to which hairstyle will suit them. An advantage with medium hair length is that the multi-layered haircut looks fabulous on them. The layers add volume and dimension to your hair, thus making them look thicker and fuller. Try to colour your hair completely or highlight the tresses for the fabulous and stunning looks. Keeping the ends choppy will make the layers appear even sexier.

Soft Curl Bob
With a slight deviation from the original layered bob cut, this hair cut needs to have volumes at the upper portion of your hair and curls at the bottom half, which can be done by curling iron. Selena Gomez, Victoria Beckham and Zoe Saldana are the popular celebrities that have worn this fabulous hairstyle.

Choppy Hairstyles
Tapered and uneven, the choppy hairstyles are trendy ones that can help you shift from sleek or curly styles. With short and fine layers, swept to one side, this hairstyle covers the facial area and is fit for wide forehead. The hair at your back are cut and styled in such a way so that the individual sections along with choppy ends get highlighted and you will then get a modern look. This specific kind of hairstyle gives one a more modern style that transforms the simple cuts into very attractive ones.  A number of celebrities have tried on the choppy hairstyles. If you want a make-over of your hairstyle, then choppy hairstyle is for you. However, it might not be for everyone, but if it suits your facial features, then go for it.

Geometric Cuts
The geometric hairstyle is becoming increasingly popular. It gives you stylish and killer looks. The cutting can be as simple as having asymmetrical cut where one side of the hair is a bit shorter than the other. This haircut gives an opportunity to a hairstylist to uniquely enhance an individual’s facial features. If the geometric cut seems to be not too appealing, then sharp angles around the face can be good add-ons for a long and straight style.

Wavy And Tousled Style
Popular and workable on straight hair, this hairstyle is easily achievable at home. Use a spray to separate the hair strands and create a ‘beachy’ look. At the end, you should scrunch the hair to get the desired appearance. Now you are ready with that wavy and tousled look to grab some attention towards you!

 These hairstyles will give you a sexy look that you desired after watching your favourite celebrity on television.