Summer Hairstyles For Girls

summer hairstyles for girls

Convenience would have been the main criteria in the days gone by but in today’s world, girls are more concerned about looking modern, trendy and even sexy. Whilst these requirements are a matter of individual choice, there are some hairstyles which are more popular than others are. Normally, girls, particularly those in their early teens, follow trends set by celebrity sports women or popular film stars. During summer, when the atmosphere is warm and humid, any hairstyle which restricts free airflow, and makes you feel sticky can be really uncomfortable. It therefore makes sense to choose a suitable style, which enhances comfort and, at the same time, showcases your hair by enhancing your natural hair texture. There are innumerable stylish summer hairstyles from which a choice can be made. There is quite a lot that can be achieved with these summer hairstyles and there also are many different ways of maintaining your hair to achieve the maximum effect. The following section outlines some trendy, celebrity styles that you can choose from. Read on for more on summer hairstyles for girls.

Summer Hairstyles

Beachy Waves
Generally, tousled hairstyles are popular all the year round but their popularity increases all the more during summers. To achieve beachy waves, it is best to style the hair while it is still damp. Divide your hair into three equal parts and braid them. The advantage is that when your hair dries and you undo the braids, it will look nice and wavy. Use a hairspray to set it, and you can wear the style all day long.

Half-Up & Loose
To look alluring and sexy without getting sweaty and uncomfortable in the heat, use the half-up and loose style. Part the hair evenly at the sides, so that you can separate a few strands. Pull these strands back from both sides and pin them at the back of the head. This helps hold the hair in place. You can use an anti-frizz cream at the hair tips and twirl the hair around your fingers to create a nice wavy effect.

Fishtail Braid Not Clear
To create a fishtail version, all you have to do is part your hair down the middle, so you have two equal sections. Now hold the left section in your left hand and the right section in your right hand. Then pull a half-inch section of hair from outside of the right side and add it to the inside of the left side. Pull a similar section from the left side and add it to the inside of the right side. This process is repeated till you reach the tips of the hair. You can then secure the ends with a clip or elastic band. To achieve a casual effect, you can either bring your braid over your shoulder or pull out a few strands and let them hang loose around your face.

Provocative Ponytail
A write-up on summer hairstyles can never be complete without a mention of the good old ponytail. If you want your ponytail to look more appealing than the standard style, you can do so by adding a bit of texture on the top of the head. Apply a texturiser through damp roots to give a lift to your hair when it dries. Tease the roots at the scalp and then gather everything into a tight, eye-level ponytail. Use a dense bristled hairbrush to smooth the sides of the ponytail; this also adds more body to your hair.

Swept Back
If you need a style that keeps your hair away from your face without having to spend too much time on styling, then this is the style for you. Sweep back the top section of your hair from ear to ear. Push back or lift your hair a little at first to help create some height, and then smoothe it back with a brush. Secure all the hair loosely with a clip at the base of your crown so that it is held in place. A little hair spray will keep it tidy through the day.

Breezy Baby Braid
This hairstyle looks gorgeous on all types of hair textures and is really easy to do. You can start by parting the hair horizontally from ear to ear. Then section off the front portion that you will be working with. Make a French braid until you get to the back of your ear. From that point, you can tuck it into the rest of your hair and secure it with small clear elastic band.

Hot Knot
When the weather gets very hot and you want to get your hair off your neck, this is an ideal style. Flip your head over and rake our fingers through your hair, to give it more body. Then pull your hair into the highest ponytail possible. The trick is not to make the top of your hair smooth — the more texture, the better. Wrap your hair around the base of the ponytail and pin it in a way that the ends stick out. You will look both casual and stylish.

Pinned-Back Bun
This style is suitable for anyone with layered or shoulder-length hair. Make a centre parting, and then use your hands to gather your hair into a ponytail. Secure all the hair with an elastic band and twist the ponytail into a bun. Anchor it with two long crisscrossed bobby pins and let any wayward strands add their effect to your style.

Whichever style you choose, comfort should be the main criterion, especially in a hot, humid climate. Let the shape of your face and the texture of your hair dictate the style you choose. Not all hairstyles suit everyone, so take expert advice if you feel uncertain in your choice of a summer hairstyle.