Emo Hairstyles For Short Hair

Emo Hairstyles

emo hairstyles for short hair

Emo hairstyles are a tangent from the punk hairstyles of the 80’s. Emo, short for ’emotional’, has as many variants as there are personalities. A hairstyle that reflects the personal style and emotion of the wearer can be termed “Emo”. Though mostly in black, emo hairstyles come in bright and deep colors too. They have highlights in the most unusual colors, which come in strong contrast with the rest of the hair. Highly individualistic, emo hairstyles let you have the uniqueness and style that no one can match up to. There are some basic characteristics of Emo hairstyles. The first is hair-length: Women’s emo hairstyles are often very short in length, though they come in longer lengths too. Men’s emo hairstyles are a bit longer than the ear length. The second feature is color: Jet black is a common color for emo hairstyles though any color can work. The third major characteristic revolves around highlights: Highlights stand out in emo hairstyles. They can be of any color under the sun. Red, blue, pink etc are very common and usually bring a startling contrast to the hair. The last, but not the least, bangs: These hairstyles are seldom seen without side swept bangs. These were the basics of emo hairstyles. Read on for more!

Short Emo Haircuts

    • Emo hairstyles are usually short in the back and long in the front.
    • They can be styled with spikes and mostly have an asymmetrical cut.
    • Another way of wearing emo hairstyle is to wear it in layers. A razor is used to create layers that blend or separate according to the wearer’s likes.
    • You can also go for the shaggy look with emo hairstyles. All you need to do here is make your friend cut your hair. The messier the trendier! Highlight the ends in pinks or blues and you have an unmatched style.
    • Short emo hairstyles involve spiky haircuts with long bangs. The bangs are side swept and usually cover one eye completely or partially. The bangs can be your canvas where you stamp your individuality. You can color them with bright shades or create contrasting highlights.

Though there are no standard ways in which emo hairstyles can be cut, let’s check out a few styles that can give an Emo advocate, the style they desire.

Short Mullet
This is a popular style with both boys and girls. In this hairstyle, the back of the hair exposes a long tail that is usually combed to one side of the head. If you have bangs that are combed to the left, the tails will be cut and combed to the opposite side of the head. Many popular bands use this hairstyle.

    • Short mullet styles for girls would consist of a straight fringe above the eyes with a reasonably long hair extension at the back, which would be dyed in a contrasting color.
    • Girls can style their fringe to cover their eyes or can leave it just above the eyes or tied to one side with colorful bands or clips. Use a lot of hair spray to spike up the hair at the back and add black, blonde or colored extensions for added attractions. You can also add style with colorful ribbons and head bands.
    • For boys, short mullet style comes in fringes that rest slightly above the eyes or sometimes covering them, and the rest of the hair is cut into layers just below the jaw-line. Use hairspray to spike up the hair at the back.
    • Highlight your fringe with shades that are opposite to your dyed hair. Wear a bandana in black, red or white to add more style.

Modern Mullet

    • In this variation of the short mullet, the hair is cut short and at an angle in the front. It is usually worn long at the back and gives the appearance of hair having multiple layers.
    • Another variation is to have short hair at the back and hair cut in angles at the front.
    • The modern mullet is more colorful than the short mullet. You can blend lot of shades and create a unique style.
    • It is often hard to differentiate between short and modern mullet, and so they are generally termed emo mullet hairstyles.

Razor Cut
Here, the hair at the back may be razor-cut very short, while longer strands are left on the side. You can highlight your hair with varying shades of brown, red, pink or blue, depending on your clothing and the mood that you are in. To style your razor-cut hair, apply hair gel liberally and blow-dry your hair from bottom to top using a round brush. Spritz hair spray to hold your style.

Bowl Cut
Also known as a Beach cut, Mushroom cut or the Pudding basin cut, this is a style where the hair is cut short at the sides and back but allowed to grow long on the top. It is a favored style among emo hairstyle enthusiasts especially because it can be cut by a non-professional. You make the bowl cut trendy by coloring the top in a different shade or by using highlights.

Short emo hairstyles are trendy and popular because they are manageable and versatile. They are a great way to play around with your looks. The asymmetrical style and choppiness of the emo hairstyle makes it easy for you to have fun with. You can show off your unique hairstyle and creativity through a personal art form – The Emo Cuts!