Formal Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long Hairstyles

formal hairstyles for long hair

Formal hairdos are all about special days, be it a wedding, a prom or other social occasions. It’s easier picking an outfit for a formal occasion from a boutique, than selecting the apt hairdo for the occasion. A formal long hairstyle can be expected to be neat, soft, graceful and stylish. The hairstyles vary from heavy, long cuts to soft layers; from tidy updos to full waves. Hairstyles with bangs would also look great with formal outfits. By using the right hairstyling products, you could maintain your formal appearance for hours. Before deciding on your hairdo, however, do check whether it goes well with your attire; like for example, a high pony tail looks great with halter necks or tubes while stylish buns are best with skirts and blouse. Formal hairstyles can be done quickly and with very little effort. Once you have selected the hairstyle you plan to wear for the occasion, it’s always better to rehearse the hairstyle in advance, because you would not like to look untidy or even uncomfortable later! Do not forget to stick to the golden rule: Apply minimal makeup for formal occasions.

Hairstyles For Long Hair

Low Ponytail
You need to choose a formal hairstyle depending upon the occasion. Whatever the occasion may be, it’s better to prepare in advance for the hairstyle you plan to have. A low ponytail is a perfect formal hairdo which you could wear on any occasion, be it a meeting, prom or a wedding.

    • You could create a low ponytail hairstyle by first applying shine serum all over your hair.
    • Comb hair to gather all the hair at the back, just above your nape.
    • Now secure it with a nylon elastic band.
    • If you have bangs, either clip them towards the side with thin black bobby pins or you can apply a little amount of hair glue on the bangs to keep them in place.

Another important factor you need to keep in mind is to never overdo your make-up and wear minimal make up to look your best on formal occasions.

Low Chignon
Nothing else can be a bigger nightmare than finding out that your hair salon is booked on D-day day and you can’t get that beautiful hairstyle you’d been planning all the while. You need not worry if you can create a formal hairstyle at home with ease. All you need is an elastic band, few bobby pins and, if required, a hairspray depending upon your hair frizzes.

    • Scoop all you hair up into a low ponytail and secure it with an elastic band.
    • Gently twist the ponytailed hair from the beginning of the elastic till the end of the hair.
    • Wrap the twisted hair around the elastic tied base and gently insert the ends of the hair under the bun.
    • Pin up with bobby pins to keep the bun in place.

High Ponytail
Don’t you always get puzzled contemplating how the hairstylists can always come up with a formal hairstyle with long hair? A high ponytail is always an ideal option for your long locks when it is for a formal occasion.

    • For a gorgeous look at a party or a meeting, pull back your hair into a high, full ponytail.
    • Make sure to keep the volume under control with a serum or a hairspray for a sleek look.
    • Never try to get structured curls at the ends, as that style is now outdated. Instead, you can always try long loose waves or silky poker straight hair.

French Braid
Why not try a French braid to add a youthful twist to formal wear. Long hair adds elegance to French braids.

    • A French braid can be created, by tightly braiding the hair all the way up from the forehead.
    • Start braiding with smaller strands, by adding hair in bits from each side.
    • Tightly braid till the ends of the hair and tie it with an elastic band.
    • For an evening function, you can also try doing a bun with your long braided hair. This hairdo is best when worn to meetings or evening parties.
    • Make sure you moist your hair to keep the braids in place.
    • Minimize on your accessories for a formal look.

Are you blessed with long tresses? If yes, then you have the option of numerous formal hairstyles! You could leave your hair loose, have it smoothed, add curls to it, tie it at the back or make a bun or an up do. The long list goes on. Do not delay in trying these formal hairstyles for your lovely long hair, and let the crowd size you up admiringly at the next meeting or function, as the men’s gazes linger appreciatively and the women watch enviously!