Haircuts For Thick Hair

haircuts for thick hair

Having thick hair is not a problem at all. It’s actually a blessing in disguise waiting to be held on to. Ask those men with receding hairlines and they will tell you how they are ready to donate an arm each to get thicker hair but alas, to no effect. For baldness is like old age, and doesn’t reverse itself. And ask those women with thin hair and they will tell you how difficult it is to take proper care of their hair. So, rather than going against what you have been blessed with, acknowledge, and dive right into the sea of hair world, where a number of hairstyles are waiting for you to pet them. Whether it’s the short, medium, or long hairstyle you want to adopt; you will get an equal amount of help from the thickness of your hair in keeping put the hairstyle you get for yourself. Go through the section below to know about the haircuts for thick hair.

Haircuts For Thick Hair Women

Pixie Haircuts
Women who have thick hair, lead an active social lifestyle, and have no qualms about donning a short haircut, can go for a pixie haircut. Cut short around the ears and back, with a slightly longer top length, the pixie hairstyle will make for a fine style. More so if your facial features are coyish and dainty, which this haircut will complement greatly. There are a lot of pixie haircuts to try: spiky, textured, edgy, faux hawk, wispy, and messy etc. Go make a visit to professional hairstylist who will be able to suggest the best one according to your features.

Big Curls Haircuts
Curly hairstyles are made for women with thick hair. Not that they don’t look good on women with thin hair; it’s just that the curls hold for longer periods if you have thicker hair. You can either go to a professional to get them done or can do it yourself using a hot air roller or a large barrelled curling iron to create the curls. And know that big curls will be even better if you’ve got longer hair to flaunt. Also, whichever way you decide to go; don’t forget to apply a good amount of hairspray to keep them held up nicely at place.

Bob Haircuts
Classic and sophisticated, a bob haircut is one fine solution for the problem (if you want to call it that) of thick hair. A blessing in disguise if you may say! For there are various bob cut hairstyles that you can adopt for nearly every face type. Women with narrow face can go with chin length bob cut that will bring out your cheekbones in brilliant way. However, if you have a round and soft face then a shoulder length style would make for a better option. Any of the haircuts would require a short visit to the hairstylist and then looking after your style with a good quality blow drier and hair serum.

Haircuts For Thick Hair Men

Short Haircuts
A crew cut will remove the problems, if any, of having thick hair. Generally speaking, a crew cut is any hair cut that is very short and tapered on the back, sides, as well as tops. It best suits faces that are round and the best thing – there’s hardly any looking after it, other than the obvious nourishment with regular oiling and shampooing. But, even the shortness is of varying degrees for you to choose. The very short crew cut is often referred to as buzz cut or butch cut, and the long crew cut referred to as ‘ivy league crew cut’.

Chin or Shoulder Length Haircuts
For men, the weight of longer hair can make it easier to manage thick hair. From the classics to the modern to the ultra urbane, there are hundreds of hairstyles for men to choose from. Either get it cut to fall on your forehead with style (known as Bangs) or have them braided by making Cornrows. You can also go for a business man’s cut if profession takes up most of your time, or adopt African style Dreadlocks. Other haircuts include Faux Hawk, Layered Cut, Mullet, and many more. For best effect, go visit a professional hairstylist who will be able to suggest a proper haircut according to your needs and face type.

Rocker Style Haircuts
How about defying the norms of the hair world and treading the path rockstars often do. Getting on such styles will put you right there, differentiating you from the rest and saying – ‘this guy is not for the law, but the law is for him’. Styles such as Short and Spiky, purposefully messed up, and Messy Layered, over the top with internationally stylized look, or Staggered Longer Layered, with slightly arrogant but confident look can do wonders with thick hair. The cool quotient will be right up with these hairstyles.

Instead of whining about how enormously thick your hair is, get yourself a makeover with one of the above hairstyles. You will be enchanted by the result at hand, rather, head.