Hairstyles For Thin Hair For Oval Face

hairstyle for thin hair oval face

Thin hair can be hereditary or due to hair problems from old age, poor diet, stress and sometimes even due to poor maintenance. Taking proper care of your hair is as important as caring for the rest of your body. Eating the right type of food, getting plenty of exercise, drinking adequate fluids and of course, ensuring a good night’s sleep are important factors to ensure healthy hair and fast hair growth. Depriving your body of any of these often leads to unhealthy and thin hair. Today, hairstylists have evolved to take your hair texture and face shape into account while choosing a hairstyle that would suit you. Computer aided software is also available at many of the hair salons to show you visuals of how a particular style would look on you. This reduces the chances of your selecting something unsuitable. If the length of your face is one and a half times the breadth of your face then you have an oval face. Don’t despair if you have an oval face with thin hair! Here, we list some styles from which you can choose the best one for your oval face even if you have thin hair.

For Long Hair
Those with oval faces will find that long straight hairstyles are very suitable for them. If you like long hair, then you can instruct your hairdresser to cut your hair in soft layers throughout. No matter what the length, you would look nice with a cut of layers near to your cheekbone, lips or chin. This way you can add more body to the hair and this is a style which has a lot of sex appeal! So many styles work well with straight hair, but ensure you choose the one that does not fight your natural hair texture or else you might end up burning a hole in your pocket unnecessarily.

For Short Hair
If you like shorter hair, you can wear your thin hair in a short style as it can look equally beautiful if styled well. There are many celebrities who use this style successfully with variations. Well known singer, Rihanna has a straight short style while Halle Berry opts for the Pixie cut. It allows for some lift at the top of the head and makes a person look taller. However, not everyone may be able to use the Pixie as it works best on petite women with wavy or straight hair.

The Funky Style
If you have an oval face, you can try going the funky way this time. A woman who sports such a style would appear daring and will definitely attract lots of attention with this cool, sexy look. Your hairstylist must take into account the shape of your head while trimming your hair, to bring about an ‘edgy cut’ appearance closer to the nape of your neck, at the back of the head. You can use a bit of color to shade in some streaks for added attraction.

For Medium Hair
If your hair is of medium length then you can try a short bob, which can be cut shorter at the sides and you can keep it a bit longer at the back. Such a cut will have the effect of bringing a nice flirty look to your face. You would be surprised at the count of heads that would turn to look at you! It is a style which is easy to maintain and is stylish too.

The Long Bob
The long bob is flattering for all face shapes including oval. The long bob cut gives your oval face the angles and structure which balance the soft lines of your face. In this hairstyle, the trick is to keep the cut till the jaw line on all sides to get maximum effect. This allows the hair to fall evenly on all sides. This is an elegant style which mostly suits older women. More sophistication can be added to the long bob where the hair reaches down closer to the neck on the sides, and is curved inwards at the ends for maximum effect. Long bangs are used in this style to hide a high forehead. Layered cuts at the eye and cheek levels make this style look better, emphasizing the oval shape of your face to advantage. The look this style imparts is trendy and sophisticated.

The key to a good hairstyle with thin hair and an oval face is to ensure that your hair has enough body and strength. Irrespective of age, you can shape your hair with medium length and make it very flattering to your face. Remember the trick of this hair game is volume!