How To Get Scene Hair

Haircuts & Hairstyling

How to get scene hairIf you are looking to add lots of color to your hair and styling them with big choppy cuts, then scene hair is ideal for you. In recent years, scene hairstyles have become a huge rage among the teens and the youth. More and more youngsters are now donning this radical new hairstyle single out themselves from the crowd. And why not? Scene hairstyles look good on any hair length. So, you don’t have to worry if you have long or short hair. Scene hairstyle is often confused with ‘emo’, but the difference is that the former is more varied and colored. Scene is simple and stylish and all the more eye-catching. The scene hairstyle originated as an offshoot of the ‘emo’ genre and has now become a distinct style with its shaggy and cropped look and attractive highlights. There are numerous ways in which you can morph this style, depending on your look, choice, type and length of your hair. Here we discuss the different methods of getting scene hair. Continue reading to know more.

Scene Hairstyles 

General Method

    • First, you must straighten your hair with a flat iron. So, apply a heat protecting spray on your hair before applying the iron to protect the hair from damage.
    • Cut your hair in layers and hold them in place with a large clip, leaving the bottom section down. Then use a hot flat iron to straighten each section of your hair, one at a time.
    • After straightening your hair, comb your bangs on one side and straighten them in place. If the bangs do not stay in place, then use a clip to hold them. Now, tease your hair on each side of the crown and spray into place. Next, lightly spray your entire head.

Short Scene Hairstyle For Girls

    • For this style, first chop your hair into layers. Just cut your hair into random uneven layers with a pair of sharp scissors. The uneven layers will give a more edgy look to your hairstyle.
    • After cutting your hair, dye your strands in any bold color. It is recommended to pin the fringe to the side with bow clips during dyeing.
    • Now, use some hair serum and mess the hair at the back of your head. If you want a boyish look, then use gel for a wet look. Alternatively, you can also spike your hair at the back.
    • To get long scene hair, you can add extensions. This is a good way to add variety to your style by going for a short scene hairstyle one day and then a long scene hairstyle the next day.

Mid-length Scene Hairstyle For Girls

    • Cut your hair into layers and then dye them. You can dye the fringe or the back of the head in brown, black or any other color. The bangs or the roots of the hair can be dyed in green, blue or purple.
    • While styling the hair, always use hairspray or serum and stay away from hair gel. When using serums, make sure that you do that in moderation. You can also use bow clips and ribbons.
    • If you want to increase volume, then get your hair poofed. Since, you will be straightening your hair it is advisable to apply hot oil on the hair to reduce damage. You should also wash your hair with a conditioner to protect it.
    • In this style, the hair should always be kept straight. So, always use heat-protecting serums when you straighten the hair.

Long Hair Scene Hairstyle For Girls

    • Long hair is easy to style. However, in order to look perfect, you should keep your hair free from split ends. So, trim your hair in every six weeks.
    • It is a must to shampoo and condition your hair regularly to keep it in good health. You must also brush them regularly to get rid of dead hairs. Like short and mid-length hair, long hair will also look good if it is razored and layered.
    • Long hair looks extremely good when dyed in peroxide blonde. Dye the fringes in black or brown. This combination will make your scene style stand out. Try to dye your hair every couple of weeks. This will prevent the hair roots from showing too much.
    • Scene hairstyles for long hair can be accessorized with ribbons, bows and bow pins. For a more dramatic effect, you can cut short layers around the top of your hair and tease each layer at the roots with a comb. Then apply hairspray to all the teased hair and then flatten them a bit.

Short Scene Hair For Guys

    • In scene hair for guys, the most favored colors are black or blonde. It is always better to dye the hair black with long fringe and red streaks.
    • Guys can also chop their hair in layers or straighten it.

Mid-length Scene Hair For Guys

    • In mid-length scene hair, guys can dye their hair in any color. There is no need to go over the top as dyeing the hair brown or black with blonde can look good.
    • They must, however, avoid using gels, as it doesn’t look good on mid-length hair. Instead, they should go for hair sprays to style their hair. Mid-length scene hair looks good when the hair is razored.

Long Scene Hair For Guys

    • Long haired guys who want to go for a scene style should take extreme care in dyeing their hair. Don’t go overboard in your choice of colors. Brown, black or blonde would do just fine. Peroxide will also look good. If you wish, you can even retain your natural hair color.
    • Long scene requires more care. So, wash your hair with shampoo every other day. You should also use a conditioner and while showering run a comb through your hair. Also, regularly cut the split ends.
    • Layering in long hair doesn’t look good. Instead, you can thin out the hair if you want a change. If your hair is not naturally, straight then you will have to straighten it. While doing so, use protection sprays and serums.