Adding Volume To Hair

adding volume to hair

The reason of having thin hair could be genetic, but in most of the cases, it is the artificial treatment. Do you blow dry, straighten, or curl your hair everyday? It could be the main reason of hair getting thin. Limit and optimize its use. Use it when there is an urgency. Heating your hair everyday is harmful for your hair, as it destroys the structure and luster of your hair. You may also go bald. Hence, limit the artificial treatments and use a shampoo that is specially made for treated hair or coloured hair. If you have thin hair, then it means that your hair thrive for volume and life. Love this thing more than your boyfriend/husband. Volume will make your thin hair thicker, stronger, and better. So, let’s follow some easy tips to implement the artificial or heating methods along with some natural ones to get voluminous hair in an optimal way.

Yes, you need the most awaited haircut to trim off the ruptured ends and get rid of split ends. Tell your hairstylist to give you heaps of layers on the top of your head, that is, on the crown. This will not only add volume to your hair, but give life to it as well.

Take strands from your crown area and back comb them section-by-section. This will give a bulkier look to your hair. Make a poof; it will give an appearance of fuller hair. Never tie your hair very tightly, as it would break your hair, thus resulting in hair fall.

Wash your hair and condition them. Towel-dry them, but don’t rub rigorously. When your hair are 80% dry, drop your head down, take a little mousse or styling gel and apply it to your hair. At the end, create ringlets by rotating your fingers or clipping your hair with hair clips. Alternatively, you can french-braid your towel-dry hair in the night and in the morning, you will get charming curls. 

Another way to add volume to hair is to blow dry them starting from the tip. Bend down your neck, so that the hair flip down in your front. Blow-dry your hair when they are 50% wet. When you will straighten up, you will get volume in your hair.

Typical Bob
This chin-length cut is a perfect masquerade for thin hair. You can add full side-swept bangs to conceal a skimpy hairline. It is a low-maintenance style that will add tons of volume to your hair. Everyone is opting for it; you can try it too. 

Crop With Bangs
This look gives loads of layers and a rounded loop effect. It is very good for thin hair, as it hides the area of slight baldness from your head. If you have long neck and nice chin, then this is the cut for you. Bangs will add that much wanted liveliness to your hair. 

A Short, Choppy Bob
Add asymmetrical layers to your hair to give volume. The tousled, shaggy look can give the effect of more hair and texture. It is a valuable technique for women,who want to conceal thinning at the crown or back of the head.

Shoulder-Grazing Cut
Shoulder length hairstyle gives an appearance of voluminous hair. This hairstyle is shorter in the back and longer in the front, thus highlighting the volume in the front.

High Ponytail Or Bun
Back comb a section of your hair on crown area and then, pin them up on your head with a bobby-pin. It will make a poof of your hair. At the end, tie the remaining hair into a high ponytail or a high bun but not too tightly. This will add volume to your hair.

French Twist with A Twist
This sophisticated and sleek hairdo adds plenty of bulk to your hair. Just pull back your hair on either side and then keep twisting until a bun is formed, pin-up with bobby pins. Use the hair left on top of your head to make another bun on the first bun and tie-up again with bobby pins.

Help yourself with these hairstyles to add volume to your hair and amaze everyone. If your thinning doesn’t stop and is persistent, then do consult a dermatologist as the problem may be deeper than it looks.