How To Make A Messy Bun

how to make a messy bun

The ladies wearing a bun look extremely beautiful while walking on the ramp. Well, the fashion divas and fashion queens like to experiment with the new trends and styles to enhance their beauty. Whatever style they wear, becomes a trend! Many of the fashion geeks keep themselves updated on the new fashion trends. Be it any part of fashion, make-up, dressing, footwear, accessories, or hairstyle; they are always ready to try the best ones. Similarly, messy buns, a popular hairstyle is in trend these days. Messy bun, for some, it is just the messy one while for others, it is an extremely sizzling hair tyle. It is the most popular hairstyle among young as well as old women. You will notice most of the working women wearing the messy bun style at office. It is easy, yet stylish. Moreover, if you are tired of the tedious task of untangling your curly hair, then try a messy bun. Curly hair enhance the beauty of a messy bun. Be it office, home, or school; you can wear it anytime and anywhere. So, are you prepared to make a messy bun? Great! Follow some easy steps and get that hot and sizzling look.

Steps To Make A Messy Bun

    1. Untie your hair and run a comb or a brush through them to untie the minor tangles.
    2. Take some gel or hair serum and start applying it on your hair tips. Don’t apply excess of it.
    3. In the third step, you need to work with hair brush and hands. Brush your hair backwards and keep teasing them with your hands to give them a messy look. Keep on brushing and teasing the hair.
    4. Now is the time to make a high ponytail. So, bend down and bring your hair to the front. Hold your hair with your hands and make a ponytail, setting it near your crown.
    5. Secure the ponytail with an elastic band around it. Try to use the band that matches your hair colour.
    6. This is the most important step of making a messy bun. Here, you will be able to highlight that messy effect. There are various ways to bring out the messy look; you can follow any of them.
        • Coil your hair around the base of your ponytail. Flatten the bun on your head and secure it with the help of hair pins. Still, if you have not achieved that messy look, then keep on shaking your head until the result appears.
        • Bend down and bring your pony in the front. Now, start combing the pony from bottom to top. Keep on combing until it becomes fluffy and then apply some hairspray. Now, coil your hair around the base of your pony and secure the bun with either elastic or pins. Pull some tendrils of hair out of the bun to give it a messier look.
        • Here, you will make two buns. Comb your hair back and make a low bun. Secure it with an elastic. Now, make a bun out of that low bun. Ensure that the second bun doesn’t turn out to be a pony.
        • This is the simplest and easiest style of a messy bun. You need a clip or a bun stick in this case. Hold your hair and stick in your right hand. Place the bun stick around the inner boundary of the pony. Roll both once and tuck the pin inside the hair. Ensure that the hair and pin stay at their position.
    7. Now is the time to highlight your hair. Run your fingers in your hair at the front portion of your head to loosen them from elastic.
    8. At the end, apply some hair spray on your hair and bun.

Just follow these easy steps and flaunt your beauty with a messy bun.