Hairstyles For Plus Size Women

hairstyles for plus size women

When it comes to beauty and fashion, the woes of plus size women to choose from various hairstyles, may seem to have no ends. Choosing the most fitting clothes, shoes, make-up, and hairstyle can be daunting. Each woman’s body bears different characteristics whether tall, slim, or plus size. Since this article takes plus size women in special consideration, the aim will be to provide prior homework and knowledge required to go about your next fabulous hairdo.  A hairstyle should go well with the shape of your face. Although most of our faces are oval in shape, but there are minute variations in some aspects. There are a number of hairstyle and makeup options that one can try to complement a plus size body frame. Consider yourself lucky if you have found a hairstylist who can suggest you the best hairstyle to boost the beauty of your looks. But, if in case you don’t get the perfect hairstylist you wish you had, then these tips can help to bring out the best in you. Below are the basic hairstyles that will best complement your facial shape. 

Curls look very attractive on plus size women; they give a stylish and gorgeous look to their persona. Getting curls is a good deviation from normal hairstyle. You can give many types of curls like twirls, bounce or ringlets for a ravishing look. The hair should be sufficiently wavy to give a natural, charming, and lovable look. Ensure that you maintain overall length of the hair. It is best to keep longer curls because the curls tend to shrink and appear shorter than actual.

Side Swept Bangs
If your face is round, then you should definitely go for deep and side-swept bangs that make your face appear elongated. This hairstyle properly offsets the shortness and width of your face and makes it appear longer and slender. The side swept bangs, when properly worn, grabs attention towards you. An uneven bang, towards a single side, will be much more accentuating.

The best aspect of this hairstyle is that it can be done with any length of hair and can be altered according to the shape and other features of your face. This hairstyle is the best option for women with round face, as it makes one’s face look slender with a touch of glamour and grace. It works best for straight hair or loose waves. The layers can look like a poodle’s fur; so, make sure to blow it straight and make the cut work.

Chin Length With Wispy Ends
Boast your chin length hair with this hairstyle! This kind of hairstyle, with the wispy ends, is very popular among plus size women. It nicely flatters round face and makes it look longer. The one-length ends widen your face and make you look gorgeous and stylish.

Layered hairstyle, one of the best additions to normal hairstyles, transforms simple hairstyle into elegant and charming ones. This hairstyle adds volume and is apt for hair of every length.  This hairstyle is the most compatible one for plus size women. Layers would give an elongated shape to your face and will add gleam to your personality, while enhancing the whole look. When it comes to maintaining the hair, there is not much hassle and it provides the required looks to make you appear beautiful and stylish.

It is a classic and popular short hairstyle that came into existence in 1976. This kind of hairstyle is a new craze in the fashion arena and has been welcomed very well. You can maintain the sharp look of your face with this unique hairstyle. This hairstyle is manageable and gives you a fresh look. To further beautify the overall looks, you can color the hair and give yourself an easy and younger look. This hairstyle will be best choice for the plus size woman having a pear shaped face.

Shoulder Length Bob
Many well-known hairstylists suggest shoulder length hairstyles for plus size women. A shoulder length bob tops their list as it adds volume at the top of your hair, thus making it look slimmer. Ask your hairstylist to give you an even length all around. It is suitable for both straight and curly hair.

Just like celebrities, you can also make yourself look gorgeous and thin. Go for some changes in your style and feel like a celebrity.