Easy Hairstyles For Men

easy hairstyles for men

Men are notorious for being laid-back when it comes to grooming and spending time in front of the mirror styling their hair. Luckily, there are innumerable hairstyles available for guys that are easy, effortless, stylish, and can be put together in minutes. All it requires is a few minutes of time and couple of hairstyling products. Plus, these hairstyles look extremely stylish, economical and versatile, providing a fashionable and classy look, without spending a lot of money, time or effort. Gone are the times when haircuts for men were restricted to crew cuts or buzz cuts. Today’s men have numerous options in terms of style and cut, such as, the bowl cut, spiked up or the infamous Fabio. Though men generally like to keep their hair short, the time and effort that goes into styling them is quite high. Also, not all short crop suits every face. Here are some of the classy and fashionable hairstyles, which would help you to choose your favourite one.

Buzz Cut
Buzz cut was a staple of army men, but has been adopted by others who look for a zero-maintenance, attractive and flattering style. This style requires the hair to be razored as short as one likes. To add some flair to the style, men can leave their bangs longer after which they can style them with a wax product in order to create spikes. The buzz cut is flattering as it hides the trouble areas like thinning hair and graying hair. The style also brings attention to the facial features of men, such as, mouth and eyes.

Caesar Cut
For those men who prefer short haircuts, but do not want the severity of a buzz style, Caesar style is the best option, as it provides more length to the hair. In Caesar style, hair is styled in such a way that it is layered between one to two inches, with bangs brushed forward. Those men who prefer the true Caesar style will have bangs cut in a sharp and straight line, thus giving the forehead a rectangular look. To give more style to the Caesar cut, you can apply a bit of mousse or gel through your hands after showering and then smooth the hair.

Tousled Cut
Men with medium to long length can go for tousled look; it is apt for guys who do not want to deal with more hair. After you wash your hair, you can squeeze a bit of gel or mousse into the palms and run them through the hair. You can crush or pull at the sections on a random basis; the tousled look appears super cool, as it is casual and mussed. If your hair is shorter on top, pull the hair into little spiky clumps for an edgy look. Tousled hair can be caught in a rainstorm, flattened under a baseball cap, or blown wild on a windy day and still look attractive.

Men’s Short Crew Cut
The short crew cut provides a hot look for men. This style really looks appealing on those guys, who have an oval face and a normal size head. For men with abnormal head shapes, big ears and other abnormal features around the facial area, this will not be the best choice as it draws attention towards other areas. This look is easy to maintain and can be created by just using some styling gel.

Faux Hawk Hairstyle
This is a simple and easy hairstyle and is one of the all-time favorite hairstyles of men. In this style, the top of the hair is longer than the sides, which are totally trimmed to provide a short look. The longer part of the hair can be styled and spiked with gel to give a hawk like look. The sides can also be shaved completely instead of keeping them short, for a different form of haircut. This style also gives men a cool, dude like look.

Long Hairstyle
One of the most popular hairstyles that is in vogue at the moment is the long hairstyle. Longer hairstyles give a rockstar look and look extremely stylish. A long length of hair with locks at the sides suits most men. This style also adds charm to the personality. In long hairstyle, the ends and sides are generally kept wavy.

Shag Haircut
If you want a fashionable look, you can opt for a shag haircut. The layers and texture of the hair are two things that are quite noticeable in a shag haircut. The layered look comes from cutting hair into different lengths. This hairstyle can be labeled under trendy and casual look. The biggest advantage of this haircut is that it suits any face shape and length of hair. Plus, it’s versatile and low on maintenance too.

Front Wave
Front wave style of hair provides one of the classiest looks. It originated in 1980s and is known for its natural, classy look. You need to have medium length hair if you want to cop this style. You can use a little of hair mousse to style this to perfection.

Men’s hairstyles have always been in vogue and have evolved considerably during the time span. Stylish and fashionable men can think about developing one of the hairstyles that are mentioned above. Irrespective of the style you choose, comfort must be one of the factors that should influence your choice.