Hairstyles For Round Faces For Men

round face men

Men’s faces have been categorized into seven basic shapes viz., oval, square, oblong, heart shaped, triangular, diamond and round. Some men, who do not fall into any one particular category, normally have a combination of two or more of these facial shapes. In choosing a hairstyle, the general principle to be followed is to evaluate the type of face you have, or the one which closely resembles yours. A round face is one in which the length and width is almost the same, giving the person a soft look rather than an angular one which is usually associated with a man’s face. You can create an amazing difference in your looks by choosing the right hairstyle. However, before that it is essential that you understand what you need to do before trying to modify your looks. The idea is to make your face appear longer or oval, and not round. A good hairstylist will be able to help you by lengthening or shortening parts of your hair, through an appropriate haircut and styling. Normally, more length and volume is added to the top of the head while the sides are kept relatively short. Here are some styles for round faces.

Spiky Style
The spiky style is very popular with many celebrities sporting it. This is an ideal style for men with round faces, as the longer hair standing out on the crown of the head add an illusion of length to the face. Many variations fall under the spiky style — the faux hawk, mohawk, punk, emo, porccupine and flat top, to name a few. Some of the more elaborate examples might initially require the help of a stylist but the basic spiky style is fairly easy to create.

    • The hair on the sides of the head is either cut short or shaved.
    • The hair at the top is kept long, anywhere between two inches and five to six inches.
    • While the hair is slightly damp after washing, apply a bit of gel or styling cream and shape the hair into the type of spiky look you fancy. This can vary from an overall messy look to all the hair forming a peak at the top of the head.
    • Alternately, you could also shape the hair at the top into a fan, going back from the forehead or style it into spikes for the Mohawk look.

The general idea in this style is to make the face appear longer and narrower.

The Buzz Cut
The buzz cut is another style that makes a round face seem longer. Here, the hair is generally styled with the use of electric clippers, the buzzing sound of which gives the style its name. A combination of scissors and clippers or just scissors can also give the desired results. A straight razor is used sometimes to give texture to the hair and to give the ends, a jagged look.

    • The hair at the top of the head is cut slightly longer than the sides.
    • This longer hair from the top can be parted to one side, combed down and flipped back to form a ‘pompadour’, or you can have bangs falling over the forehead.
    • You can also use some gel, and brush your hair upwards away from your forehead for a messier look.

Shaggy Style
The shaggy style is suitable for various face-shapes. Depending on the way the hair is cut, it can be used to camouflage the roundness of your face. The style works well with medium or long hair. It is best to avail the services of an expert hairstylist, especially the first time you try the style.

    • The hair is cut in uneven layers all over. The stylist will remove more hair from the sides of your head to make your face appear longer.
    • Keeping the hair long helps in giving a more oval appearance to the face.
    • You can have the hair on top standing out messily or brush it down to partly cover your forehead.
    • This is a very easy style to maintain, as there is no set way the hair should fall. A messy, untidy look is what the style is all about, and just running a brush or even your fingers through your hair should do it.

There are umpteen variations possible for men with round faces to alter their looks and become more dashing, striking and stylish. Outlandish styles, once considered taboo in respectable circles, have given way to more adventurous styles being used even on formal occasions. Just use your imagination, the possibilities are many.