Shag Hairstyles For Women

Shag Hairstyles for Women

Has Jane Fonda’s famous haircut in “Klute,” David Cassidy’s heartthrob haircut or Tina Turner’s porcupine crown appealed to you? Then welcome to the world of shag hairstyles! The shag is a layered haircut that creates a “messy” effect; it involves cutting many layers into the hair without any being arranged in any solid lines. You probably love that ‘ruffled’ look. If you have always wanted to walk out of bed looking refreshingly messed, and yet adorably cute, then here is a sure way to that. The “messy” look is actually a planned effort, rather than cuts at random, to deliver a striking, textured effect with a hint of madness. The new shag in vogue now, however, bears only a faint resemblance to the older shags. Today, the shag is characterized by longer bangs, a uniform look and movement in the hair layers, very different from the long tails and the mandatory spiky look of the past. The common thread that unites the old and the new shag is the unfinished look and of course, the fact that the best shag is still one that looks as if it occurred by chance.

Shag Haircuts For Women
The classical shag style had limited variants, but today there are many types of shag hairstyles in vogue for women. Styles such as tousled edges, bob shape, wavy, razor, flippy, choppy, funky asymmetrical and alternative etc are the ones most in vogue now.

Tousled Edge Shag
Textured tousled edges have always been the in-thing for the fashion conscious, and adding shag makes it even more eye-catching. This hairstyle requires cutting the hair from mid-length to end. This hair-behind-the-ear styling highlights the cheekbones and adds volume to the hair. This style suits oblong, square and diamond shaped faces best.

Bob Shape Shag
The bob shape shag is created by cutting layers of hair at the back and framing a bob-shaped appearance from mid face to the ends. This haircut suits naturally curly hair and can also be gracefully carried by oblong, square, diamond or triangular faces.

Wavy Shag
The wavy shag bears close resemblance to the bob shaped shag. It resembles a bob but avoids the sharp angled-cut characteristic of a traditional bob and features side-swept bangs instead. This style works best for square faces and helps hide wide foreheads.

Razor Shag
The razor shag style entails razor cut layers extending to the jaw line, throughout the back of the head, to create noticeable movement. This style suits diamond and triangular faces with narrow chins.

Flippy Shag
The Flippy shag includes choppy layers worn flipped-up rather than straight down, giving a fresh, youthful vibe to the face. For a girl, this style symbolizes liberation and a hip look, and for this reason, the flippy shag is ranked amongst the most popular female shag styles of all times.

Choppy Shag
The choppy shag involves face-framing layers and an above-the-shoulder cut, which gives a very trendy and youthful look. Like flippy shag, the choppy shag is also gaining popularity and promises to add that chic factor you have always been looking for.

Funky Asymmetrical Shag
Funky asymmetrical shag means hair cut into random layers of razor lines, with the sides longer than the crown and angled down. As always, the popularity comes from the fact that it gives a sleek, sharp and angular look to the face.

Alternative Shag
Finally, the alternative shag! This one features jagged and asymmetrical layers of the hair, topped up by vibrant hair colors. People adopt this style usually to display attitude. The shag hairstyle is a universal fit regardless of the hair type. What is more, the many variants available in this hairstyle allow for a fit regardless of the personal characteristics and personality of the interested person. For instance, short shags look bohemian while full shags with big volume and wispy ends provide an edgy effect. The best type of shag for you obviously depends on your facial characteristics. For instance, shag with height and volume in the crown best suits a round face whereas shag with long layers skimming the cheek and jaw area suits an angular face.

Follow Up Maintenance
Regardless of the style in use, shags, by their very nature, need to look rough. So stop…and stay away from that blow dryer. We know that you, like most other girls, cannot live without it. If you are not aiming at looking all polished and well set then maybe it is time to re-pack that hair dryer and store it away for now. However if you still insist, you may blow dry your hair smooth and straight, instead of flipping it outward and away from your face, to have a shaggy yet sleek appearance.

Shags invariably require the hair to have fullness but without weight. Most hair stylists achieve this by using mousse styling products to add fullness and control to the hair without making it stiff. Make sure to style your hair at regular intervals to retain the set style. Use a flat iron to turn the ends of your hair when required.

Shag ranks as amongst the most popular of all hairstyles, especially for women. Many celebrities and other famous personalities, irrespective of their lifestyle, have now embraced this style quite whole-heartedly. The shag hairstyle remains informal at heart and gives a funky, casual and trendy appearance more than a formal appearance. The widespread popularity of shag hairstyle comes from its versatility, flexibility and universal appeal. Sporting the appropriate shag can enhance your appearance and do wonders for your personality. Here is your chance to look unaffected, messy, cute and layered with oodles of confidence.