1970s Men’s Hairstyles

1970 Men Hairstyles

The 1970’s decade was characterized by certain fashion trends which included bellbottom pants — really tight pants with flared ends at the bottom. Men’s clothing also included lame suits, silver-coloured astronaut-style outfits, quilted jackets made in satin, wide-legged denims or velvet trousers and studded shirts. Hair was always long and softly layered, or made spiky and multi-coloured. Rock musicians also inspired many new styles and young men wore long hair that fell beyond their shoulders. This trend continued into the next decade and made quite a comeback in the late 90s also. Among the most popular 70s hairstyles for men were the “Long and Luscious” hairstyle, the “Buzz Out” hairstyle and of course, the quintessentially 70-ish Punk hairstyles which were at their peak in the 1970’s. Punk haircuts were mostly scrappy and embodied the spirit of disorder which was central to the punk school of thought. Consequently, Mohawk hairstyles, spiked hair and harshly dyed coloured hair, all became part of the 1970’s hairstyles. Here are some of them.

Long And Luscious Hairstyle

    • Some of the styles of the 1970’s are making a comeback today and can even be seen on the fashion circles ramp. The long and luscious hairstyle is one such style which has made frequent comebacks to the fashion circle. In the 1970’s, long hair was made slightly wavy in order to give a twist to the older styles.
    • For this hairstyle, the hair is grown long enough and is then cut in long layers and textures.
    • If you are going to attempt to cut the hair yourself at home, you need to first shampoo the hair and then apply some anti-frizz serum.
    • After this, it is best to comb your hair with your fingers. Run your fingers repeatedly through the hair to ensure that there is no tangled hair left at all.

Contemporary celebrities like Antonio Banderas and Johnny Depp have adorned this hairstyle with aplomb, thereby contributing to the popularity of this seemingly ageless style.

Pompadour Hairstyle

    • This style, popularized by the mistress of King Louis XV, became fashionable in the eighteenth century. Many variations of the style exist but it basically consists of sweeping the hair backwards and high over the forehead.
    • To get the best results for this hairstyle, first shampoo your hair and use a considerable amount of pomade to set the hair the way you want.
    • Start by parting the hair and combing it backwards, lifting the hair from the front by pulling it and making it take the shape of a wedge. This makes the hair stand up in front.

In modern times, the style became popular after the singer Elvis Presley popularized it in the 1960s. It was taken to even greater popularity by the cult figure John Travolta in the 1970s. Many admired the way he slicked his hair and it was considered the most popular hairstyle of the 1970s.

Buzz Out Hairstyle

    • This punk style was very popular with both men and women in the 1970s. The style is easy to perform and maintain and all one needs is a pair of clippers.
    • Ensure that the hair on top is slightly longer. Clip the hair on top in a very jagged and uneven manner.
    • The buzz cut doesn’t need any styling gels or sprays, and you don’t need to worry about any haircutting styles.

Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt has been sporting this classic style for some time now. Other known celebrities who endorsed this hairstyle for men are Ice Cube, Wentworth Miller, Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox.

Punk Hairstyles
Though punk hairstyles from 1980s are well remembered, the punk movement and the punk hairstyles actually started in the 1970s. The punk hairstyles were individually crafted as 70s was a time for experimentation and the use of hair colour was just getting started. Later on, the influence would creep into various styles which were globally adopted, so that many began styling their hair in a very Red Indian Mohawk style; this style is followed even today and has become more of a cult style.

The 1970s hairstyles are a good fashion statement if you are planning to sport a new look for a theme party or are just looking at a change. The many styles from the long haired to the punk hairdos are all very individualistic and will make you stand out in any crowd. You can visit a good hairstylist and discuss which particular style would suit you before you actually try it out. If you want to be different, try out a new hairstyle from the 1970s and get noticed!