Cheerleading Hairstyles

All boys’ eyes are on those pretty cheerleading girls. From the well toned bodies to the uniforms and certainly the hair, everything needs to be perfect. Usually, amongst the chaos of getting the moves right and ensuring that the uniforms are tailored to perfection, the hair isn’t given much importance. Now, that is not fair! A cheerleader’s hairstyle should be very stylish and neatly tied up for all the constant jumps, tumbles and dances that they have to do. They can’t possibly wander and distract themselves by trying to fix their hair and moving the strands away from the face. Neat and tidy hair not only is the practical option for the cheerleaders, but it also looks very attractive and makes the entire squad stand out from the rest. So, to look your complete best, go through the following section for some of the cheerleading hairstyles that are really cute and easy to sport and look absolutely great.

Hairstyles For Cheerleaders

The ponytail is a favorite amongst all the sportswomen, including the cheerleaders. The ponytail can be sported in a number of different ways; it can be pulled up really high or can be kept in the middle or even sported very low. For a more stylish effect, the ponytail can be swept to one side also. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have— straight, wavy or curly, the ponytail goes with every hair type. You can also accessorize your ponytail well with a scrunch matching the uniforms and/or a headband.

Pigtails are fun options for the cheerleaders. Again, these two ponytails on the either side of the head can be worn real high, medium or low. And each length seems like a different style. You can be innovative by playing around with the parting. Instead of simply keeping it straight, you can go for a zigzag parting or a criss-cross one for an interesting look. Hair accessories like colorful clips and hair baubles, used on the all the members of the cheerleading squad, can give an impression of a well uniformed team too.

A Bun
If the ponytails and pigtails are still too distracting for you then the bun is a good option. The bun, contrary to popular misconception, is not a forte of grannies and can look very snazzy on the cheerleading girls too. You can pull the hair entirely up in a neat bun or you can go for the more fun and casual look by sporting a messy bun. You can make this bun by first making a ponytail and then pulling it half way through the loop. A fringe accompanying the bun makes the look all the more fine. Once again, to accessorize the bun, you can use colored scrunches to make it look interesting.

The braid also gives a very feminine look and can look very different; mostly it is also very convenient to do. There are many different kinds of braids that can be sported. The normal braid involves intertwining three sections of hair from the nape of the neck, then there is the French braid that looks more elaborate. The fishtail braid looks absolutely stunning on long hair, and with a puffed up front it looks even more sophisticated. Track braids or cornrows and the African braid fastened with colorful bands also make for great neat options.

Tips For Styling The Hair

    • Style the hair while it is still wet as it will be in place more neatly and will stay like that for a longer period of time. These may however loosen up eventually. Also, at times freshly cleaned hair can be difficult to work with, so try washing the hair one day before.
    • If you plan to have your hair completely pulled up then a strong hairspray or gel can be used. But do not use it in excess when cheering or else your sweat might just get mixed with the hair sprays and travel to your nose or mouth.
    • To reduce the frizz of the hair and to give it some shine, hair serum should be applied.
    • If your hair isn’t dense or long enough for a particular hairstyle, then use hair extensions and add on to get the desired look.
    • To give the hairstyle a flashy and classy edge, use accessories like ribbons, colorful scrunches, clips and pins. Avoid using metallic accessories though as you never know, they might get in the eye while you are doing your moves. Also, not to mention the damage that metallic accessories cause to the hair.

These were some hairstyles and tips for those pretty cheerleaders who can’t quite decide what to do with their hair. Being practical does not mean the hairstyle has to be boring. These interesting hairdos can really make for a fun look.