Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyles

shoulder length layered hairstyles

You might have admired Rapunzel for her thick, long tresses, strong enough for a human being to hang on and climb up. However, in real life, is it possible to bid for a long hair, forget a hair as long and strong as Rapunzel’s? Practically not. The atmosphere we live in is extremely polluted and is not favorable for healthy and shiny hair. So, isn’t it better to opt for a short healthy hair rather than run behind the fairy tale like long, but damaged brittle hair? Obviously yes! Shoulder length hairstyles are the most sought after hairstyles, not only because they look extremely stylish and doesn’t fall too long or hang in too short, but are also easy to care for. Simple, stylish and super-cool, this minimal-effort, bouncy, beautiful style is easy to sport, but difficult to choose from since there are myriad of shoulder length layered hairstyles to choose from. Instead of opting for any hairstyle randomly, you should consider your facial shape, personal style and maintenance before choosing. Check out for shoulder length layered hairstyles and pick your style after considering its advantages and disadvantages.

Why A Layered Hairstyle?
Layered hairstyle is one of the most sought after hairstyles amongst the fashion freaks. Layer cut is special because it makes the layered hair strands fall around the face at different levels making the facial features prominent. You can choose the length of the layers, but usually, the first layer is cut below the eyes, which are then followed by different layers at regular pattern. You may choose razor cut if you like to add different texture and shape to the ends. Thus, layer cut becomes ideal for those who wish to be fashionable and at the same time want to enhance facial feature, adding more elegance to the overall look.

Advantages Of Layer Cut

    • Layered hairstyle adds volume to your hair and makes them appear healthy. Thus, this style is ideal for those with thin hair.
    • Layered hairstyle helps you enhance your facial features by focusing on your eyes or cheeks.
    • Short layers are ideal for those with round face because it makes your face look longer.
    • Long layers make your hair looks healthy, bouncy, and voluminous.
    • Layer cut provides your tresses with more flexibility and movement. It lightens the weight and makes it easy to handle your hair.

Disadvantages Of Layer Cut

    • It is difficult to switch over to another hairstyle, as you need to wait for months for the hair to grow completely before giving it a new style.
    • You may need to blow dry your hair use curling irons and flat irons to achieve the desired hairstyle if you have a layer cut. This may make your hair prone to damage.
    • Layer cut on short hair can be difficult to manage, as you may not be able to tie them into a ponytail or braid.

Layered Haired Styles For Shoulder Length Hair

Pixie Cut
Pixie cut, one of the most stylish versions of layer cut, goes best with short hair. By adding choppy strata to your hair, you add to the volume of your hair and make it appear healthy. Try this most convenient haircut and be cool, comfortable, and trendy

Classic Bob
Another popular version of layered cut, the classic bob cut, is a perfect combination of comfort and style. Ideal for a carefree attitude, this hairstyle does require some maintenance. Achieve a total chick look with this hairstyle and be trendy.

Classic Layers
Do you have long locks? Then classic layer will be the best choice for you to experiment on because layered hairstyle looks great on long tresses. You may opt to cut the last layer from your chin level, cutting the tresses in different layer so that it frames your face. It would be great if you have straight tresses because layers add instant life and movement on straight hair.

Layers On Curly Hair
It is not easy to execute a layered hairstyle. You need to be careful while layering your curls or else you might end up with a disheveled mess of hair. It is better not to try layering your curls at home. Any small mistake can spoil your look and hairstyle. So, visit a professional hairstylist and get it done.

Medium-Layered Hairstyle
Medium hairstyles are always better as they take off the burden of extra care from your shoulders. Medium hairstyles are easy to maintain. This saves your time and reduces the risk of hair damage. Layered hairstyles are best illustrated on medium hairstyles because they project the layers and bring out their beauty to the fullest. In medium layered hairstyle, the layers along with the wide swept bangs help to highlight facial features.

Amanda Seyfried Hairstyle
Amanda’s hairstyle is a great example for graceful layered hair patterns. Long blonde mane can be best utilized for an elegant hairstyle with graduated layers around the bottom, which help frame your face. Some hair strands from the center part is put down to the shoulder level and then made into curls. You may add extra texture to your hair by adding hair color.

Mentioned above were some layered hairstyles, which you may try this time, for a change. These hairstyles can definitely be your style mantra, making you stand out where ever you go. Try them out!