Hairstyles For Teens

Hairstyles for Teens

Styling, especially hairstyling for boys, was rarely seen as a major matter of concern until recently. But those days are gone when the only synonyms of fashion-for-boys were branded clothes, accessories and expensive shoes. It is not long back that they realized how a good haircut is as essential for boys as good makeup is for girls. But, in order to achieve that perfect hairstyle, it is very important to know which style will suit your facial structure, hair texture and the overall shape of your head. Unlike boys, teenage girls experiment more with their tresses. Even then, they tend to be finicky as, when it comes to hairstyles, there are endless options to choose from. Most teens take inspiration from the hairdos of young celebrities like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner; their hairdos may or may not look good on everybody who tries them. So, instead of having your hair end up in a mess, it’s always better to select a haircut which complements your face, frame, hair texture and lifestyle. In a world where previous day’s trends become history the very next day—only to make a comeback soon after—teenage boys and girls have a variety of popular hairstyles to choose from.

Hairstyles For Teenage Boys

Spiked is a style where the front portion of hair is teased to the top or front with the help of hair glue. A spiked hairstyle is the trendiest amongst teenage boys as not only is it fashionably short but is also very easy to achieve. This haircut, affecting a wild and dangerous attitude, is particularly adored by girls. To get those flirtatious spikes, use the right hair glue, apply it and then spike your hair to the top and front. A guy with a round facial structure can never go wrong with this haircut as it lengthens the face.

Crew Cut
This is “the” haircut if you are looking for a smart, soldier-like look. In a crew cut, the sides of the head, the side locks and the back of the head are trimmed well and shaved closely to reveal the scalp, making the head look narrower and stronger thereby enhancing your features in a positive light. Crew cut has been popular amongst the youth since ages. Active boys can always opt for this cut as it’s short, cool and easy to maintain.

Combed Down Hair
This involves keeping the hair longer on the top and back of the head to cover up a receding hairline. An ideal hairstyle for boys who have short or medium length hair is this combed down hairstyle. You can work this style by combing your hair down flat either to the back of your head or to the front, depending upon the length of the hair. If you want to look polished and have a formal look, there’s nothing that beats this combed down look.

Caesar Cut
Bangs are not only a fashion statement for girls but also for boys. Remember the movie Julius Caesar! Caesar cut is usually short — about 1-2 inches all over the head — with the bangs pressed forward at the front. The Caesar Cut is a conservative approach to modern hairstyles. It is an interesting look for a mysterious effect.

Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

For a clean, sleek yet snazzy ponytail, grab all the hair and pull it up on the back of the head. Tie the hair with a fancy colorful hair-band and voila! Your ponytail is all set. Accessorize with bobby pins to pull back those bangs in style. Girls who are short in stature can add a poof to look taller. A poof is a style wherein a chunk of hair is teased and pinned up in the front in order to get a hump on top of the head.

Braiding or plaits are a classic style to add funk and texture to a usually boring hairdo. Side braids, where you collect all your hair to either sides of the head and then plait them, are popular amongst teens. This style is great for day parties or get-togethers. French plaiting, another braid style, is one where plaiting starts from the crown area. It is best suited for girls who are sporty and active and even those who prefer hassle free hairdos. Fish-tail braiding is a sea-inspired hairdo which can be done by using two sections of hair to make mini braids by randomly braiding hair from each of the sides to give a funky chic look.

Pixie Hairstyles
Pixie is a hairstyle which is short and cropped cutely all over the head. It is a bizarre style that can quickly grab attention but requires a strong facial bone structure. It needs maintenance on a regular basis and involves quite a lot of trimming. This style is fun, loud and impetuous. Girls who are sporty, yet voguish might definitely enjoy having a signature pixie design haircut.

Long Layered Hairstyle
Who doesn’t envy that long layered hairstyles of Miley Cyrus? This hairstyle is created by adding several layers on the back. A messy, left open, layered long hair can make words fail. At the end of the day, teenagers are teenagers and they love the spotlight, so girls, this is “the” style for you”.

Bouncy Bob
If you are a tomboy yet you like being petite then a bouncy bob can do wonders for your personality. A bob is a hairstyle that’s cut around the head and extends no longer than the jaw line. Bounce is made by creating short layers behind. This hairdo lends volume to any type of hair, but is not always right for curly hair. However, if proper thinning of hair is done at the ends, then even curly hair can look its best in a bouncy bob.

Adolescence is that part of your life when you dare to explore and experiment with yourself. With a lot of changes happening physically and emotionally, you are trying hard to get past those childhood days and to live up to others’ expectations of a more mature and responsible yet cool you. A new makeover, especially a cool hairstyle, is a great way to kick-start that lovely period of your life called the ‘Teenage’. Choose the hairstyle that suits you best from the above list and make a fashion statement of your own. Tell the world you are here to stay!