Layered Choppy Haircuts For Men

Layered Choppy Haircuts for Men

If you would like to keep your hair at medium length and have reasonably thick hair, then you should consider going for a layered choppy haircut. Once you decide on a style, it becomes easy to create as it takes very little time. You can start with trimming the hair from the sides, ensuring that the length of the hair is kept to about one inch, and work your way to the top. By doing this, you ensure that the hair is cut in choppy layers right till the crown of your head. If you have a round face, you can use a brush to make a messy style on top. Though this style has been around for a while, it has become more popular only in the recent few years with more celebrities endorsing it every passing day. It can be your everyday style and you can sport it for formal occasions as well. This style allows you to try numerous variations with your hair. Named after celebrities who have popularized them, here are a few styles which may interest you.

Jon Bon Jovi Rockstar Hairstyle
Singer, lyricist and actor, Jon Bon Jovi has been very successful as a musician, and is equally widely admired for his trend setting styles also. With a cult following, he started with a big frizzy waist length hairstyle in the 1980’s, but as others around him waned in popularity, the legend updated his hairstyle constantly to stay in the limelight and draw attention to himself. In his most recent hairstyle, he had his hair cut up to collar length, and used side swept bangs made with a razored, wispy finish, which highlighted his square face. The top of his head also had hair cut into layers, and with no particular parting visible, gave him a casually messy look. A lot of his fans have adopted this hairstyle and Mr. Jovi still retains it.

Daniel Radcliffe Hairstyle
Daniel Radcliffe, the young English Harry Potter star, has his own hairstyle. The style popularized by him has hair lying flat on the top of head while the bangs at the sides and front have a jagged cut. This cut adds a certain texture to his hair and makes it look thicker. The sides of the head has the hair cut at an angle which has the top part of his ears covered. With this cut, there is no limit to the variations that can be tried and the one that Daniel ‘Harry Potter’ Radcliffe favors is a creatively messy and easy style. It is a style that is easy to maintain with regular trims.

Chase Crawford Hairstyle
This young American teenage actor has set a trend with his particular style. His hair is textured with razor cuts and has side swept bangs. To set this style, you have to dampen your hair using some styling products. Now run your fingers through your hair right to the end. Blow your hair dry, starting from the top of your head making your way downwards, while using your fingers to form a windswept effect. You can use a hair spray to hold the hair in place.

Jude Law Hairstyle
The British heartthrob Jude Law sports a faux hawk style. This style has a classic cut in short jagged layers. The sides are cut in short layers, creating more volume on top of the head. If cropped well, this style really helps hide a receding hairline. The shorter cuts on the top make the hair in front stand up. This style is a great hit the world over and Jude Law has also used the sun bleached look and tousled hair to achieve a stunning effect. You can also use a bit of mousse or hair gel on the sides and on the top, if you intend to try the style.

Orlando Bloom Hairstyle
This handsome Brit actor, who grabbed attention with his fair-elves look in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, originally sported a long haired look. He now sports a short tapered hairdo which makes girls go weak in their knees. His fresh hairdo, with razor cuts to his mane, is messed up in the middle with a faux hawk style, but kept tidy. He does change his hairstyles and even sports the short Mohawk Cut which is a far cry from his original long-locks style.

There are many hairstyles in this category which have been popularized by celebrities. The main advantage of the choppy layered style is that it makes your hair look thicker than it might actually be. Moreover, once you have the basic cut right, maintaining the style is very easy. So, why don’t you gear yourselves up, and attain that cool, stylish look that would make you the next celebrity to endorse a new hairstyle?