Sexy Hairstyle for Men

sexy hairstyles for men

Hairstyles that may appear appealing to you might seem dull to the other person. It depends on every individual’s likes and dislikes. Hairstyle that looks good on one guy might not look that much appealing on the other one. It is due to the fact that all of us have different face and body configurations. Few hairstyles might look sexy on you than other ones, simply because they suit your face. Make it a note that just having a unique hairstyle doesn’t make your hairstyle sexy. If you find it sexy, then it doesn’t mean that others will also find it as drop down gorgeous. If you really have a sexy hairstyle, then it is definitely going to grab the attention. It is highly recommended to go for a hair style that suits your face structure. There are many hairstyles that are in vogue these days. And men, who are looking to leverage their glamour quotient, should start from a hairstyle. Find out a hairstylist who can style your hair according to your face, otherwise read on to know more about the different hairstyles and dig out the most suitable one for you. 

Short Hairstyles
One of the best and easy to maintain hairstyles is the short layered hairstyle that can be easily combed with fingers. It is due to their short length that even when you get up in the morning from your bed, your hair look perfect and untouched. Some of the Hollywood heart throbs like, Brad Pitt and George Clooney are the style icons that you can look up to for a good cue. Some of the hairstyles for short hair are:

 Buzz Cut Fade
This hairstyle is for those men who have a busy lifestyle, especially for the ones engaged in sports and army. Less hassle with the hair is sure going to save a lot of time. This type of haircut can be as short as giving a bald look or short enough in the sides to make your hairstyle appear like Mohawk cut. Such hairstyle is easy to style with gel or mousse. The added advantage of getting this haircut is that it remains intact and looks perfect on every man, whether in a basketball court or a boardroom.

 Taper Fade Haircut
You need to closely cut the hair on both the sides up to the upper part of the head, thus leaving a low cut length at the top. Level the edges and ensure that the hair at both the sides and back of your head are cut as short as possible. This hairstyle will give you the looks to die for.

 Buzz Cut
This haircut is also known as hot short men’s hairstyle. Hair clippers are used to give a buzz cut hairstyle. While performing the haircut, the sides are cut closely and then the hair in the upper portion are shaped or cut according to the same length as the side ones. Try to buy good clippers to maintain the hairstyle.

 Crew Cut
The ever fashionable Crew Cut is a classic and an all time favorite among boys and men. This kind of hair cut is suitable for the one who has an oval shaped face, strong jaw line, and a normal head size. For the men having big heads and large ears, this style may not be the best choice as it will make the features more conspicuous. There is a horde of celebrities who look absolutely striking with their short hairstyles; such as, Colin Farrell, David Beckham, Wentworth Miller, and Shemar Moore.

 Long Hairstyle
Some men do not really consider long hair as sexy, but if one can carry the long locks with elegance then one can really appear as prince charming. Long hair always go well with heart, oval and spherical shaped faces. Thin hair are the best match for a long hairstyle. Many Hollywood stars flaunt their long hairstyles like, Robert Pattison and Ashton Kucther. Some types of long hairstyles are:

Long Layered Bob Hairstyle
This kind of hairstyle gives different shapes and forms to your hairstyle. Well washed and clean hair with a little amount of styling spray will produce a good effect. This kind of haircut adds volume near the upper section of your head, which elongates the appearance of one’s face. This hairstyle fits men with round or square shaped faces.

 Emo Haircuts
It’s cheeky, trendy, and fashionable. The emo hair style is very versatile and it reflects the personality of a man. This hairstyle picked trend in the eighties and is revived by the popular stars of rock and jive today. One of the best things about emo hairstyle is that men with shorter hair can also try it.

Men Shag Haircut
This type of hairstyle looks great with men having medium length hair that are curly or frizzy. This hairstyle will give you a rockstar look. The long shag will look best on you if you have fine texture and a good option to lighten thick hair. The shag will make your hair appear wavy, thus making you attractive and sexy.

 Long Choppy Hairstyles
This hairstyle is comparatively easy to style and manage. The choppy hairstyle is the best for men with coarse hair and will go with the overall length and volume of your hair.

 Try any of these trendy and hot hairstyles to be the center of attraction among your friends.