Thinning Hair Remedies

Baldness & Hair Loss

thinning hair remedies

If you lose clumps of hair every time you brush, rinse, dry or run your finger down your hair, then it’s time you did something to save those strands from shedding. Hair loss is indeed one of the most hair-raising concerns; it is not just a simple beauty problem, but a bane! Unless you are genetically predisposed to hair loss or suffering from an underlying illness or infection, there are certain ways, which you can adopt to keep your scalp healthy and hairy. However, even before you resort to therapies and medications, it is important to identify the cause of the hair fall first. Nonetheless, tweaking up your diet and making some healthy changes in your lifestyle may help address this issue to an extent and prevent hair loss. However, if the condition is genetic or triggered by an underlying health complication, then all you can do is check with a dermatologist and keep your fingers crossed. Temporary hair fall can be controlled with a good diet and some home remedies, but prolonged thinning may need medical help. This article discusses some thinning hair remedies that could help you tackle your hair fall successfully or at least cut down the shedding process to half.

Remedies For Thinning Hair

Consider Vitamin Supplements
Hair loss may occur due to the deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals in your diet. Consider taking dietary supplements like vitamin and mineral tablets to overcome the deficiency. However, this alone will not do. You should switch over to healthy diet plan that caters to your body needs.

Regulate Body Weight
You should maintain the ideal body weight throughout. Being overweight or underweight is not only bad for your general health, but also for your hair.

Get Rid Of Stress
Stress is a major perpetrator of hair fall. You can practice yoga or meditation to control stress so that you could benefit from good health. Additionally, doing so will check hair fall and other associated problems.

Massage Therapy
Massage is a good way to increase the blood circulation to the follicle and thereby boost your hair health. Consider using essential oils like green tea oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, etc. to massage your scalp for additional benefits.

Stay Away From Styling Products
Regular and continuous use of styling products may harm your hair, which eventually may lead to hair fall. So, consider reducing the usage if you could not stop it completely. Also, keep an eye on the brands you select.

Home Remedies For Thinning Hair

    • You may also consider home remedies to check your hair fall. These are simple, yet effective and most importantly, devoid of side effects.
    • Apply some olive oil on your scalp and massage for about three minutes. Cover your head with a shower cap or any other plastic cap and keep it overnight. Wash it off with your regular shampoo. Olive oil cleans the debris and dirt from your scalp and also removes excess sebum from the follicle.
    • Aloe vera gel is an excellent choice to address hair fall. Mix the aloe vera gel with some almond oil and apply this mixture on your scalp. Massage for about two minutes and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Wash it off with a shampoo. This is not only an excellent cooler, but also a good rejuvenator. You may use aloe vera gel alone instead of mixing it with almond oil.
    • Mix equal measure of amla juice and lemon juice and use this mixture to wash your hair. This is a good home recipe to stimulate hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Some Facts About Hair Loss

    • Losing 50 to100 strands a day is not considered as a problem. However, anything more than that shouldn’t be overlooked.
    • It is a myth that washing hair too often can cause hair fall. However, using bad hair products could be a matter of concern.
    • Wearing hats and wigs will not cause any hair loss; you can continue using them without any concern.
    • Brushing increases blood circulation to the follicle and is considered good for you hair. Do not listen to any one who warns you of hair loss just because you brush your hair.

Get To Know The Causes

    • Hair loss may be hereditary, especially male pattern baldness. Pattern baldness may cause trouble to females as well, but in a smaller percentage.
    • Another big cause of hair loss is hormonal imbalance. Androgen, a male hormone, binds with an enzyme in the hair follicle and causes hair loss. Also, it prevents the hair follicle from restarting hair growth. Estrogen, the female hormone, can also cause hair loss. Also, it is observed that women who use birth control pills in large excess may suffer from serious hair fall. In some women, the hormonal changes after childbirth may cause either temporary or permanent hair loss.
    • Stress is a big time enemy of your hair. It can cause either temporary hair loss, which could be checked effectively, or it may act as the onset of permanent hair loss due to genetic factors.
    • Unhealthy diet can also act as a triggering factor. Lack of proteins, certain vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin B6, etc. minerals like zinc and iron may lead to weakening of hair and thus, lead to hair loss.
    • Consuming too much coffee, tea, alcohol, etc. are not healthy for your hair. Also, try to avoid taking too much of spicy food.
    • Certain medications like chemotherapy and hormone treatment may lead to hair loss. However, this may be temporary and on most cases, it ceases along with the completion of the course.
    • One may lose hair due to some infections including fungal and bacterial.

Hair fall is one concern that needs to be nipped in the bud, or else you might just end up with an ugly bald spot, receding hairline or hideous baldpate. Pick your option from the slew of remedies and tackle hair fall right away.