How To Get Volume In Your Hair

How To Get Volume In Your Hair

For people who think that “bigger is better” when it comes to their hair, this write-up could make for an interesting read. After all, who likes to be stuck with greasy, stringy, sticky mane, when it’s full-bodied voluminous hair that is a head-turner. Fashionable or not, there is no denying that hair that fall flat on the head barely look impressive. Your hair, whose position as the beauty appendage probably stands next only to your face itself, demands that they be pampered and protected. And, when it comes to add that extra bit of ‘oomph’ to your tresses, you really need to slog it out. Starting from how you wash your hair to which shampoo you use to how you dry and style your mane, everything counts when it comes to boosting your hair. Never mind if you have limp hair, with a few tips even you can pump up your tresses and flaunt Beyoncé like voluminous mane. Read on to know how.

Ways To Add Volume To Your Hair

The Right Style
When trying to add some oomph to your hair, the first thing that you might want to do is to play with your regular hairstyle. A simple way to do that would be to change your regular hairstyle. You could tinker with your parting or just back brush your hair to add volume to them. If you are uncertain as to what would make it appear voluminous, seek expert opinions.

A Haircut That Suits The Purpose
Another simple means of adding more volume to your hair is to get a haircut. Of course, a haircut actually rids you of some hair, but then it can help boost the body of your hair too. If done expertly and with care, a haircut can make the thinnest of hair look bouncy and nice. You could try layering your hair as they inadvertently serve the purpose of adding volume to your hair. The advantage to this method is that your problem would have a quick fix solution until the time your hair grow back.

Trying Out A New Hair Color
Have you ever had the desire to color your hair, but did not go ahead with it because you could not convince yourself with a good reason? Well, you might just have found that reason. Coloring won’t just add a different hue to your mane, but would make it look bouncier than ever. While coloring actually does nothing to your hair, like most of the techniques mentioned here, what it provides is a more than satisfactory appearance of volume in your hair. However, remember, the darker the hue, the more exaggerated the effect.

Hair Products
There are plenty of volumizing products available in the market to help you achieve the desired effect. Starting from shampoos and conditioners to sprays and hair waxes, there is no dearth of choices when it comes to volumizing products. Just grab a product that suits your hair type and get styling.

Right Way Of Blow Drying
Blow drying, if done in a proper way, helps lend an air of volume to your hair. The right method to this is to lift your hair and blow them dry from scalp to tips. The explanation is that the hot air energizes the roots and gives the hair a puffy appearance. This practice is followed by the best in the fashion industry, so there is no lack of verity for this one.

Try Some Curls
Curly hair appears to have more volume than straight hair. You could employ this technique to your advantage. If you are reluctant to curl your hair completely, you could try curling just the ends. This would serve the purpose just as well.

Use Right Kind Of Products
It is necessary that you understand the products that you use on your hair. While there are many products that do give a lift to your hair, understand that certain products serve no purpose or have quite the opposite effect. Hair gels should not be used near the roots and the scalp as they weigh down the hair. Products like hair mousse are much more suited to the purpose of adding volume to your hair.

Back Combing And Teasing
Back combing and teasing your hair actually gives them a voluminous appearance. This technique is one of the oldest and most used among all volumnizing techniques. However, as it is the case with a few other techniques, this one too has its side effects. Back combing is essentially harmful to the hair in the long run, so, you should be careful about how you go about it.

Essentially all these techniques serve the purpose of providing a façade, but just as well none can deny that many among them are fail-safe fashion statements. Therefore, just as long as they serve the purpose of lending your hair a voluminous look, there is no harm in trying them out.