How To Stop Hair Breakage

How To Stop Hair Breakage

No matter what kind or length of hair you have, it’s natural to yearn for shiny and healthy tresses. Most people go to great lengths to protect their hair from any damage and boost its health. However, weather-induced woes, poor diet, pollution, underlying illnesses, dandruff, overusage of heating tools, coloring, sunlight, and chlorine water can leave the strands brittle and sapped off any moisture. When the hair is damaged, it becomes rough, dry, and dull and breaks off easily. If not handled with care, it can lead to a lot of hair fall. Many women experience hair breakage due to their lifestyle, dietary or hairstyling choices. The best way to stop hair breakage is to take stock of your hair immediately and begin hair-nourishing treatments, which will eventually lend strength to your hair. Here are a few tips to prevent hair breakage. Employ these tips and minimize hair breakage.

Preventing Hair Breakage

Trim Split Ends
Trimming or cutting your split ends is essential to get rid of brittle damaged hair. If left ignored, the spilt ends can grow to the shafts of your hair and cause them to break. It is a good idea to trim regularly at least once in every 6-8 months. It’s a misconception that trimming hair will reduce the length of hair. You can just cut half-inch hair at the bottom to remove split ends, which will accelerate hair growth.

Avoid Too Much Heat
Unless it is absolutely necessary, do not use heat on your hair like flat iron, curler and even blow dryers. Let your hair dry naturally rather than using a blow dryer on it. The excessive heat can burn your hair strands and cause them to break easily. Also, avoid washing your hair in hot water, as it rips off the hair from its natural moisture and makes it dry and breakable.

Tight Hairstyles
Excessive hairstyling like tight braids, ponytails, curls or harsh straightening can also change the natural texture of hair and make them prone to breakage. Also, do not overstyle you hair with velcrocurlers, tight clips, pins and hair bands. Leave your hair natural and style them only for special occasions.

Always towel dry your hair and allow them to dry naturally, before you comb or brush them. Do not comb wet hair, as wet hair are very fragile. Just use your fingers to detangle them and let them dry. Once completely dried, gently detangle the ends with a wide toothed comb and then work your way up to the roots.

No Harsh Chemicals
There are many hairstyling products that are natural and very gentle on hair. Avoid using hair products that have chemicals in them as they damage the hair beyond repair. Very harsh chemicals are used while dying, perming, curling and straightening to change the natural cell structure of the hair. Choose a natural ingredient shampoo and moisturizing conditioner to pamper your hair.

Eat Healthy
Only applying products on the hair will not yield perfect tresses. You have to boost hair health from within. Maintain a healthy diet with lots of proteins and iron for shiny thick hair. Include the healthy hair foods like salmon, green vegetables, nuts, poultry, eggs, dairy products and carrots.

Protect Your Hair
The harmful UV rays of the sun can make your hair rough, brittle, and more likely to break. Carry a hat or a scarf when stepping out in the sun. Also, check the chlorine and salt level of your bath water. High levels of it can lead to hair damage. Always use a hair protectant before you start to style your hair with heat machines.

Moisturizing Treatments
Lastly, do the hot oil massage treatment, which is the best homemade remedy for hair breakage. You can choose from an assortment of oils beneficial for hair like olive, coconut, sesame, etc. Just add a few drops of vitamin E to it, heat and apply it on the hair and scalp, nicely massaging the scalp. You can also go for professional parlor treatments like hair spa, hair masks, deep conditioning and Keratin hair treatments.

While it is okay to lose 50 to 200 hairs every day, a hair loss of more than that is a cause of concern. Apart from the above-mentioned tips, one may need to take help of medications to stop the problem of hair breakage. Many hair and skin specialists analyze the cell structure of hair to determine the root cause of the breakage and prescribe nutrients in the form of medicines to nourish hair. These treatments are available in all the branches of medicine like homeopathy, ayurveda, allopathic, etc. The hair are the crown jewel of your body and it is crucial to take utmost care of them.