How To Spiral Curl Hair

How To Spiral Curl Hair

If you are bored with your poker straight mane, then it’s time to switch on to something as interesting as curls. Whether you have straight or wavy hair, spiral curls can add a lot of ‘oomph’ to you boring hair. Also called as ringlets, spiral curls were put in vogue by stars like Taylor Swift and Shakira. These tight bouncy curls give a very delicate, feminine, romantic look, especially when a few curls are left loose to fall on the face. Spiral curls can be done permanently or temporarily. There are also multitudes of different hairstyles that can be tried on spiral curly hair. These bouncy, flirty and well-defined curls suit all your party needs, be it a formal updo or informal loose bun. Depending on your hair type, you can decide how big or small the ringlets or spiral should be. It also depends on the curling machine you use. The most important aspect of spiral curls is the direction in which you hold and curl your tresses. Always remember, to make spirals, hold the curler vertically. Here are a few ways you can create those spiral curls at home.

How To Create Spiral Curls

With A Curling Iron
Wash your hair, towel dry them and apply styling gel or mousse on the damp hair. Allow the hair to dry before you start. Make one-inch partitions and separate them with tongs or hair clips. Heat your curling iron to maximum. Take one section of the hair, clip into the curling iron, and wrap it from the tip of the hair to the roots holding it vertically. Hold for a few seconds and then slowly unwind the hair and release it. Continue the steps until all the sections of the hair are spiral curled. Spray on some hairstyling spray to make the spirals last longer.

Flexi Hot Rollers
Apply generous amounts of mousse on your freshly washed damp hair. Once the hair is dried, use a comb to detangle and make sections of the hair. Separate one-inch sections with tongs or clips. Taking one section at a time, roll the hair on the rollers, holding it vertical. Wrap from the tips to the roots. These hot rollers will hold the hair on your scalp. When you are done rolling all the sections of the hair, let it set for 20 minutes. When done, dab some mousse on your fingertips and unroll the curlers for frizz free spirals.

Spiral Perm Rods/ Tubes
The spiral perm rods and tubes will give you spirals that are more lasting, as they have advanced perming techniques.The spiral rods look like giant screws and the tubes are just plastic rods in a tube like shape. Once your hair is washed and ready, just place the rod near the scalp and roll the section of the hair, placing it on the grooves on the perm rods. There is a clasp on the end to secure it. In case of perm tubes, just wrap the hair on the tube and fold to form a circle and clasp the ends together. Let it cool for 15-20 minutes and then unroll to create fascinating spiral curls.

Flat Iron
After the hair has been thoroughly washed, towel-dry them to remove extra water. De-frizz the hair by using a styling cream or mousse and, blow-dry them. Make one-inch sections of the hair. Heat your iron to maximum and place it near your scalp. Clasp the roots of the hair and slowly turn the handle of the flat iron 180 degrees, holding it vertically. To create spirals and ringlets, hold the hair for a few seconds and pull out slowly from the roll. Repeat the process for the rest of your hair. Spray on with some hair styling spray to set it.

There are various other ways to spiral curl your hair, i.e., by using bobby pins, sea salt sprays, overnight curlers and others. Using a small or medium sized barrel to create spirals curls will give you the best bouncy spirals. To create a more casual look with the spirals do not make sections of the hair just detangle and comb the hair and spiral curl it randomly. You can also separate the curls with your fingers to increase the number of spirals.