Greek Goddess Hairstyles

Greek Goddess Hairstyles & Updo

Styling your hair can become a laborious task, especially when there is a special occasion, a party or a wedding to attend. However, if you have been ‘wowed’ by the beautiful Greek hairstyles sported by Angelina Jolie and Beyoncé, know that even you can play and pin up your hair like these red carpet divas, with a few simple tips. These hairstyles take inspiration from Grecian goddesses who were deemed as the ultimate icon of femininity, grace, and beauty. The Greek goddess hairstyle is an elegant updo that can be worn on any type and length of hair. There are a variety of styles that can be easily copped using bobby pins, elastic bands, hair clips and hairpins to help secure the various sections of the hairstyle. The Greek goddess updo is a popular and graceful looking hairstyle that will grab eyeballs wherever you go. Many types of styles can be done on curly and straight hair to create the stylish Greek goddess look. Check out for a few popular ones in the write-up below.

Ancient Greek Goddess Hairstyles

Simple Greek Goddess
This is the simplest of all the Greek goddess hairstyles as is it is styled on loose hair. If you do not have naturally curly hair, then the hair should be curled loosely at the ends. To create this stunning hairstyle, curl your hair using large rollers and make wavy curls. Spray with some hairspray to make the waves last longer and then part your hair in the middle and place the curls on your shoulders and down the back. Simple Greek goddess hairstyle is left open, but accessorized with beaded hair bands or stone studded clips.

Braided Greek Goddess
For a refined look, just French braid your hair from ear to ear and work out various styles to create your own braided Greek goddess look. The hair can be held in place with hairpins and then left loose or tied up in a bun for a more sophisticated look. Also, try wrapping the braid around your head from behind your ear to create a crown, which can be accessorized with elegant hairpins and glitter ribbons. To create your Greek goddess summer look, try the ‘milkmaid braid’ by simply making two sections of braids and then overlapping them behind your ear and securing them with bobby pins. You can wrap ribbons on the braid before securing them.

Greek Goddess Updo
If you want a messy Greek goddess updo, then curl your hair from roots to tips and then pull them back into a ponytail at the crown of the head and anchor it with a Roman styled band or headband. Pull out a few strands to let them fall on your cheeks. For an elegant updo, just curl the ends of your hair and spray them for defined shapes. Style them with traditional looking tiara’s made with rhinestones, sequins, glitters and other embellishments. You can also braid the hair in front and then pull all your hair back in a ponytail.

Greek Goddess Pinned-Half Updo
If you want to leave your hair loose, but still want to style it like a Greek goddess, then this Greek goddess inspired half up-half down or simply called pinned half updo is perfect for you. This suits well with formal classic as well as informal messy styles. Pinned half hairstyle is a glamorous and charismatic style, which can be achieved in a few simple steps. All you have to do is to take two small partitions of hair from behind your ears and then gently twist it to secure with bobby pins at the back of your head. You can also do this to create two separate pinned up sections. This works best with curly or wavy hair, but you can always curl your straight hair to achieve similar results. With layered hair, curl different sections of the hair differently. Start from tight curls in front and work down to create loose curls at the end. Leaving the first few curls to fall on your face, tie two sections of your hair with hair clips and let the loose ends fall on your shoulders.

The Greek goddess hairstyle is an interesting twist to your regular French braids or updo’s. These add volume to your hair and can be matched with your favorite accessories to suit your outfit. There are a variety of options like tiara’s, hair bands, hairclips, Swarovski crystal studded pins, gold leaf crown band, feathers, halo headband, glitter headdress, Grecian headpiece, beaded headbands, rhinestone hair comb and many more. The Greek goddess hairstyle can give a romantic look, vintage look, messy and elegant looking hairstyles for all types of occasions whether during day or night.