Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

Hairstyles & Haircuts For Teenage Girls

Being a teen dictates some definitive fashion and style rules. Having a fashionable haircut teamed with the right outfit and funky accessories is the key to look your fashionable best at school. Most teenage girls idolize celebrities like Taylor Swift, Ashlee Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Emma Roberts and, not to forget, the “Twilight” girl Kristen Stewart and copy their haircuts and hairstyles unabashedly. However, blindly copying any haircut can lead to disastrous results, especially if the cut does not suit your facial cut, lifestyle and personality. Teenage girls work really hard to upkeep their hairstyles and to create an impression in their peer groups. Hairstylists have a catalogue full of different haircuts to suit the trendy and hip style requirements of these teenage girls. Some of them are modified versions of the conventional hairstyles, which can be applied for teenage girls. Check out some of the most popular and trendiest haircuts suitable for teenage girls.

Stylish Haircuts For Teenage Girls

Layered Hair Cut
If you like the way Selena Gomez styles her hair, then you can safely opt for the layer cut style. In this haircut, the layers start from your chin level and go down all the way till the lengths of your hair. Adjust the number of layers by increasing or decreasing them to give a sleek or fuller look. It is quite popular among girls with long hair, but can give equally beautiful results on medium and shoulder length hair as well.

Pixie Cut
The pixie haircut is a low maintenance and incredibly stylish haircut, put in vogue by “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson. The cut is ultra-short around the ears and the nape of the neck. The top hair is styled in bangs to cover a portion of the forehead. The hair at the top of the head is texturized with point cutting where the hair is cut at sharp angles giving them ‘pointy ends’. This messy style haircut is a combination of boyish-yet-still-feminine style haircut.

Long To Short Cut
Oval shaped face accentuates this type of haircut, which is short at the back and cropped in the front to give uneven bangs. This hairstyle suits teenage girls with super sleek hair or wavy and curly hair. If the bangs are unruly, clip on a stylish hairpin or tuck them behind the ear to tame them.

Bob Cut
The easy-to-style bob cut comes in a variety of styles like blunt bob, curly bob, angled bob, Chinese bob, demo-bob, inverted bob, romantic bob, textured bob, layered bob and many more. Choose the one that best complements your facial feature. The most popular bob style among teenage girls is the sleek bob cut with longer lengths in front and a soft clean cut at the back. This mid-length haircut combines the ageless bob with the chic modern cut, which gives a sharp-statement look.

Panel Cut
This haircut will suit those with fine hair as it adds volume and gives thickness to the hair. This haircut involves a mullet like thick hair at the nape of the neck to give twists and layers to your bangs in the front. To create the paneled look, the long length of hair in front is cut to give an edgier look and the bottom back is cut in an angular way. For teenage girls, the paneling technique looks lustrous, giving their hair a lift and creating space for movement.

Shag Cut
Also called shaggy hairstyle, this haircut suits the innocent faces of teenage girls. The hair is styled in various layers of different lengths, which gives the face a thinner look. The shag cut can be done in numerous styles like short shag, wavy shag, long shag and long shags with bangs. The hair is close cropped to frame the face and styled with bangs for funky, yet casual look. The technique of feathering can also be used to create softer textured shag haircuts where the layers are blended for a clean looking face.

Apart from these, attractive hairstyles can be created by mixing and matching any of these haircuts. However, what haircut you choose will solely depend on your face cut. There are separate styles and haircuts for teenage girls with short hair, medium length hair, long hair, curly hair, layered hair and razor cut hair. It is important to have the perfect haircut to get the best hairstyle for you. The haircut can be accessorized with colors, streaks, extensions, crimps or weaves to tweak up your look any day, any time.